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Leaving was put on hold as DH has been sick BUT

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My plan was to be gone a month ago.
Plan was put on hold when it went from a small injury at work to DH might have MS and therapist said most of DHs issues are PTSD, OCD.
DH has been depressed barely leaves bed.
His DD, fauxSD or her husband come over and he is all happy. Then right back to bed.

Step parent undermines bio?!?

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I'm just wondering if I saw this correctly.
I'm at a friends. Mom tells daughter to pick up her dirty clothes off her floor, put them in hamper and put away clean clothes. Step dad sat there "yeh and wash the walls, and the ceiling" his tone came across very much like he was trying to cause an issue for mom with her DD over her picking up her room.
I could see DD roll her eyes at her mom like OMG can he just shut up. Mom said to step please don't make fun of me having my kids do something's around the house.

I need advice

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Im posting as a BM
My ex, BF to my kids was and is verbal and emotionally abusive. I had an RO that expired in March. I haven't renewed it because honestly it didn't help anything.
BF is asking for 50/50
DD is almost 13, she is asking no forced visiting and her therapist agrees with her
DS10 is telling his therapist he is mixed up. Scared of dad but dad tells him he has the same rights I do so why shouldn't he have 50/50.

Christmas schedule stress

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So BF and I are in the middle of court. Bios have an attorney. Attorney told us she doesn't like to separate child at all. BF is asking for 50/50. Kids are classified as special needs. Kids told attorney dad has a temper and she only wants to go when she wants to. DS said he has huge resignation about a week spent at dads. To many problems with dad. Attorney wants to two mediation appointments to talk with BF and I together. And to get BF to understand why this is not going in his favor. Children are special needs and BF has very little to do with helping them.

Who said I wanted your opinion?? VENT

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I'm posting this as a BM about my DD12, towards DH. What I would love to say out loud.
DD has speech issues. I was the only person who could understand her until 1/2 way through 1st grade. And even then most people couldn't.
She has extreme anxiety
She has multiple extreme learning disabilities.
I have fought for her to get the services she needs and deserves since 3 yrs old.
Had to get to the point where I hired an attorney to threaten the school district.
Fast Forward. DD gets tested, services start.
Progress but slow.


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I wanted to share a little of my childhood. My brother and I are the product of a crazy ass relationship. My parents met when they were court ordered to "Teen Challenge" I know he was there for drugs, her story has changed a couple of times.