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Small update

Too Funny....I just posted about SD joining after school activities and how BM does nothing to ever help out.

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I guess only time will tell...

But I'm not feeling good about it.

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Yet another reason I hate BM

I guess I'm going to be today's blog hog.

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Sometimes I can understand why men just disappear.

When DH first got divorced he was paying CS via garnishment from his pay check.

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And it begins...

The holiday madness.

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USED to be a Disney Dad, LOLOLOLOL.

When I got home from work yesterday, DH was telling me about his friend that is recently separated. DH went over his house after work yesterday.

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And this is why I will always hate BM

This was BM's weekend to have SS.

When he came home from her house, he had this conversation with DH...

SS - I'm sooo glad to be home

DH - Why's that?

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Conversations in Stephell

DH to SS while we were walking into a store

DH: You know we worship you, right?

ME: Lets not get crazy here.

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And the therapist said...

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The school finally called the cops on SS...LONG

It's been awhile since I posted. Things with SS have escalated and DH and I are super stressed out.