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Liar Liar pants on fire

There are some days that I just really hate BM.

Two weeks ago she text DH telling him that he needed to register SD because registration day for her school was during our weekend (last Saturday).

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Ego Boost

Over the weekend SS was putting away dishes and I was getting dinner started.

I was joking with him saying that we were having liver and onions.

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DH is driving me crazy

This man really really needs to go back to work.

I really want to give him a swirly.

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OT Dog Grooming

I have three dogs that need groomed on a regular basis.

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Delusional Daddy and the day SS's glasses magically broke

Last we heard from Delusional Daddy he was fiercely defending his stance that going behind Ninji's back to help BM wasn't actually a favor to BM but was in reality "for the kids"

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The story of DH and his Lawn

DH mows the grass.

He is the only one that mows the grass.

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Sitting at my desk in tears now

Someone explain this to me. How does something like this happen.

We just got the final judgement for the CO modification.

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Poor Poor SS

On Tuesday DH started with his "kids have been really behaved this week" ...("week" meaning 3 days)

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Funny or Just Sad

I posted yesterday about FIL asking his son's if they had heard from their mother.

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OT: Breast Cancer and Heredity

DH told me last week that his mother text him saying she was going to have mammogram done.