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Small update

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Too Funny....I just posted about SD joining after school activities and how BM does nothing to ever help out.

I guess DH text BM telling her that if SD wants to join any activities that BM will have to help us out.

She sent back this.

you can't have a little bit more respect you have to try to be a bully about it that doesn't work with me and you know that and if I have to work I have to work so she a big girl she can find her own way that's what grandparents and daddies are for is to help not have all the responsibility put on me just because she lives with me

I can't help but LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. ALL the responsibility on her. She has NEVER helped her own kids. LOLOL AND her mom lives a few miles away from SD's school. She could help sometimes. Nope She has also NEVER helped or attended any of the kids functions. EVER.

That's what the sperm donor and his parents are for. Not BM and her parents. LOLOLOLOL


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What an idiot. Have you considered full custody since BM doesn't want to parent?

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SD refuses to live with us because we have rules. She is going to be 14 next month and I'm sure a judge wouldn't take her from BM if she didn't want to live with us.

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Ah. This kid sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. 14 and no rules, ya.....

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Yup, I told DH many times (again last night in fact) that I wasn't raising anymore kids that aren't mine. SD or SS show up with a baby, they need to live with BM or DH can move out. I'm done when SS turns 18.

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We're so lucky none of the skids have gotten pregnant or gotten someone else pregnant. Both SDs admitted to unprotected sex and MSD was actively trying to get pregnant about 6 months ago. Her bf is in jail. OSD was very proud of herself when she turned 20, she told DH, "I beat teen pregnancy!"

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Reminds me of my cousin bragging to me and my brother that he turned 21 before he got arrested. I said i don’t know what to say to brother said uhhh congratulations???? We both just stared at each other then busted up laughing. My brother and i have made it our whole adult lives with no arrests. The cousins just was released from prison stint number five. Hahahaha talk about a career choice!

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Oh my goodness!

I am pretty sure OSD is the first female (except one lesbian cousin) to not get pregnant before she turned 20 on her mom's side. It's unheard of in their family.

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OH... So it's everyone else's job to support the child if she want's to do something. Not all might the all mighty mother.

You know damn well that if SD did become involved in something and do any good BM would be all up in that taking credit.

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I'm still not sure if she understands her own hypocrisy or if she's just stupid. She out right told SD that SS11 is "no longer her problem" because he doesn't live with her.

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If SD lives with her for most of the time then surely it is BM's responsibility to help her with her activities? Maybe you guys should cut back on filling in for this lazy BM and then the SD who refuses to live with you because you have rules will find out what it's like when she has to rely on useless BM.

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This is my take on it. DH has custody every other weekend. Outside of that, he helps because he loves his daughter. If he is unable to, it's BM job if she want's SD to be involved.

"SD who refuses to live with you because you have rules will find out what it's like when she has to rely on useless BM."

I've tried to have this conversation with DH. Let SD feel the consequences of her choices. Nope. Apparently telling a child NO is bad parenting.

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Your situation reminds me of my SD and her BM...

SD has been struggling in math for a couple of years. School does free tutoring, but it's before school, which means the timing sucks for BM because before school for SD is 8 AM and BM's job starts early. We volunteered (several times) to provide transportation, but were shot down or told that it would only be under BM's terms, which weren't workable for us. So SD continues to struggle.

Meanwhile, BM has diligently had SD in karate for 3ish years. She never asked DH if it was OK, and when DH asked about when the classes were, she refused categorically. He could look up the classes with the "dojo," but because there were multiple classes and levels, he didn't know when she attended and BM wouldn't tell him, nor did the skids. Even in court. Anywho, DH got an e-mail this morning from her. Apparently, she's scheduled SD for classes on Fridays (530 PM-7PM?!) during DH's parenting time and wants DH to have SD attend.

I'm sure that the irony of this situation will escape BM, but I can't help but giggle about it.

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Holy run-on sentence.

“That’s what grandparents and daddies are for” = crazy BM logic.

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OMG - did you hack my SO's phone???? He's got a million texts exactly like that....down to run on, no caps, etc.