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Small annoyances

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Two things happened this weekend that I can't stop thinking about. In the grand scheme of things they are small but annoying.

First, I came home from work on Thursday and it's SS's day to do his laundry. I check to make sure it's started because sometimes he forgets. I see that he has half a load of laundry in the washer and it hasn't been started yet (like 3 pairs of pants and a couple shirts). Odd.

So, I start thinking, well maybe he is back to wearing the same clothes day after day after day (had this problem with him for years. He would wear the same clothes, including underwear, every day at BM's because he was too lazy to change and BM didn't notice) I hadn't noticed that but it's been a crazy week. So, I ask him what's up with the laundry. Apparently, DH decided to "help" me a wash a few loads. He had half a load left and decided to split SS's load to make a full load????

Makes no since to me. Why not let SS wash his full load??? This annoys me because I DO NOT like washing my laundry with skid laundry. SD used to pee and poop her clothes until she was almost 11. Even after washing it smelled, the laundry room smelled. She still smells pretty bad. SS has gotten better but I still don't want my underwear mixed with his. Just no. DH gets all butt hurt but says he's not going to fight about it. Because just letting SS wash his clothes (which he has been doing for years by himself) is a big deal. No mixing laundry.

Second, we went to the Habitat for Humanity store to look for a dining room table. We are currently using a plastic folding table. DH has this thing where he only wants nice (expensive) furniture. Great, but we don't have that kind of money and we are running out of furniture because we can't afford to replace stuff with "nice" furniture. I just wanted to get a gently used table and chair set get use until we can afford a "nice" one. They had a decent set for $250.

I grab the tag so no one else can swipe it while I walk around and see if anything else strikes my fancy. DH immediately starts talking about "If you get that table, that's it. I'm not buying you something else later on".....EXCUSE ME. I have a job. In fact, I make more money than DH. You are not BUYING me a table. I'm buying me a table. I put the tag back and walked out of the store. I was pissed.

DH and SS can continue to eat at the plastic table, I don't care. I eat in the living room because I refuse to eat next to pig SS.

For the rest of the weekend anytime DH mentioned needing to buy something, I told him he better be sure that's what he wants because "I" wasn't buying him another one.


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That is damn annoying - the bratty behavior when a grown man, your husband, doesn't like what you have to say. I know it all too well.

I would have called him on it right there - telling him HE is not buying YOU anything.

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hiehiehiehiehie.... about the table thing and your brilliant answer every time he wanted to buy something. Good for you Hon,

and yes for keeping the plastic table, you do not buy fancier furniture till all skids are out of the house Hon, that's a fact, cause within months it will look like second hand junk picked up from a dump site.... skids have no respect for other peoples stuff, no respect for other people, heck not even self respect by the sound of things.

For the laundry thing, you are going to laugh now, but I do not wash any laundry mixed, I don't care how small the bundle is, I will not wash my cloths with Deigma's even if it's all white and my kid does not smell, I simply do not do it.... every person's clothing are t bundles, one white and undies and one dark etc. I do not even wash my under wear with SO's....

Then stop worrying about SS not doing his laundry on Thursdays, simply tell DH, either you teach SS some hygiene or you both find somewhere else to live