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SS and BM

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After BM got her panties in a twist because DH dared tell her that she needs to help out if she wants SD to be in chorus next year, she decided that she wasn't going to get SS for her weekend.

She proceeded to get upset because she asked DH what SS's phone number was and he ignored her. Then she bragged that she got it from SD. :? :? :?

It's really hard to understand crazy people. She wants DH and his parents to drive SD all over town for Chorus but then decides to not see SS for her weekend. She only gets him every other weekend as it is.

SS was glad he didn't have to go because he got to spend time with his friends instead of sitting doing nothing at BMs house. I guess he hasn't text or called BM once since he got his phone for Christmas or she would have his phone number. And she didn't text or call him all weekend after she got his number. :?

I was and still am pissed. DH promised SS being there wouldn't change our plans. But of course it does.

In eight years we have NEVER failed to pick up the skids from BM or picked them up late. We've had SS full time for less than a year. The CO was just changed in June saying that BM had to provide transportation to get him. So in 7ish months, she has picked him up a day late twice and hasn't picked him up at all twice.

Part of me wishes she would just say she doesn't want to get him at all. Hate making plans and having to cancel/change last minute because she decides she doesn't want him.

Six or years...Six more years...Six more years.


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What a cold bitch. Does she not understand that she isn't punishing DH by refusing to see her son. She is hurting her kid! Sure, he may not act like it, but he's hurting. I'm so sick of dumb broads using their children as pawns in their war against their dads. So sick.

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It's amazing how they will throw their own child under the bus in an attempt to get at their ex and his partner. Been through a lot of this with BM here.

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I feel bad for SS... I know my skids struggle with BM caused emotional whiplash Sad

And having to change plans last minute because BM couldn’t be bothered is AWFUL. We’ve done that SO MANY times, and every time it makes me want to punch her a bit more.