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Yet another reason I hate BM

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I guess I'm going to be today's blog hog.

We took skids to BM's house on the 23th of Dec. SS just came back home yesterday afternoon. (As a side note, it was absolute bliss being kid free for so long)

I asked SS how his time with mom was. Did he have fun. Normal conversation. I also asked him if he got anything fun for Christmas.

We knew that skids were saying that BM was just going to give them money. DH and I figured they were wrong because BM told DH she was working extra shifts because she had put Christmas items on her credit card.

Her new fiancé (BM would be rich if she cashed in all the engagement rings she has had in the last 8 years) has two children ages 4 and 8.

Guess who got loads of gifts to open Christmas morning. And guess who sat and watched while getting to open nothing. Yup, new fiancé's kids got lots of cool toys (according to SS) and he and SD got cash. I asked him if BM took them to the store so they could buy themselves something. Of course not. In fact, she didn't give them the money. She is "holding" it for them. She has done this in the past with Birthday gifts from relatives and they never get the money. They know this and were complaining about it before we took them to her house. SS said it was 33% possible she would give them the money and SD said it was 3%.

SS11 said BM and new fiancé told him and SD13 that they were too old for gifts. WTF!! I'm in my 40's and I'm sure as shit not too old for gifts.

What kind of person has their own children sit and watch while other kids open gifts YOU purchased. He was pretty upset about it. She has never given a crap about her 4 kids. They never got much...Last year they got three video games to share. But they got something. I don't know if she is trying to impress new fiancé or she just hates her own kids that much. Again, WTF.

I hate her.


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What. The. F***. I don't get how parents do this to their own kids... My Skids got a few things form her (we're pretty sure her mom sent her money, or possibly sent the gifts... Especially considering she messaged DH and sent them back early from a two hour visit and made them sit in a car) but for the most part she just doesn't give a flying s***F*** either. And it's frustrating as he!!.

I'm sorry your Skids had to deal with all this, I really hope you managed to get them a few things, because that's ridiculous! I was seriously thinking about it the other day, my Skids still believe in Santa. As she has an aversion to funding anything for them... That fell to Dh and I (me, I funded Christmas, lol). I don't get how a parent can just be okay with letting their kid do without. Even if it's not something fancy, just a little something.

I think what made me the most mad about your post though, is the fact that she took the kids for Christmas, and then made them watch while kids (who are her fiance's) sat there to open gifts... And then didn't even let them take "their" money! My blood is boiling for you!

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They had a good Christmas with us. Not as big as previous years but we are tired of buying stuff they won't use. Probably around 10-15 gifts each.

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Works for me. 10-15 is MORE than enough (of course DH also calls me stingy. LOL). I started drawing lines and honestly got annoyed with some of the things people sent. I totally understand not liking all the stuff just sitting around and gathering dust!

I'm glad you could/did do that for them Smile I'm sure it helped since BM was such a flop!

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Uncle Jack$$ did this last year to his oldest son.

My cousin, who had JUST turned 18 has spent most of his childhood in psychiatric hospitals/residential facilities. A few years back he was in a program like the one I worked in. UJ got monthly progress reports and asked me to help him understand them. I explained to him that much of what my cousin's mother is talking about in their therapy sessions isn't true. This I know, because all the bad things she described UJ doing to my cousin, her boyfriend at the time did (I know this because I was around, her boyfriend also happened to be my other Uncle, UJ's brother). Needless to say, I advised him Cousin wasn't getting better because they weren't addressing the truth. UJ did nothing. Years went by, Cousin aged out of residential school and landed hard on his butt with 0 life skills (not the program's fault, they really did try).

Anyway, Cousin spent his 1st Christmas with UJ in about 10 years. He was really excited. UJ now has 2 younger children from his 3rd marriage. The two younger heathens (and they ARE heathens) got about $700 worth of gifts each. He got Cousin a pair of boots.

UJ got engaged to his fiancé that Christmas too. She said it was horrible to sit there and watch the younger two open gift after gift, when this kid, whose parents both dropped the ball on him, sat there with a pair of boots.

Now I know he's 18 but UJ jumps through HOOPS of burning fire for Cousin's two older sisters. He treats Cousin like dirt. And it sucks, even now that he's an adult and I feel for him and your skids. Sad