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Sorry for all the posts...I am new and DESPERATE!!!!

Here is my "new" delima. My boyfriend and I live together. He gets his kids on Christmas Eve to open presents since he doesn't have them on Christmas. My Bio kids will be going to their dads house for a few hours while they open up gifts because they are younger and Santa doesn't come until Christmas Eve night. My BF's kids will open their gifts and go back to their mom's house (who lives about a half mile away...that's another dramatic story in itself.)

Boyfriend and I spent alot of time and money on his bratty ill mannered children. I know that when they open a gift they don't like they are going to either make a smart ass comment, roll their eyes, or do something to that extreme. I swear if I see them or hear them act unappreciative I may not be able to watch what I say.

Here's my thing...Boyfriend knows his kids a freaking brats and understands why I don't like them, and ADMITS that his kids walk all over me. So with that being said, would it be wrong of me to NOT participate in Christmas with them. I don't want nor do I have any desire to watch them open gifts. Boyfriend says the girls would really want me to be there and will be upset if I don't have some sort of dinner with them. No offense to him but he knows this crap, why would he even ask me to stay? Would I be out of line for leaving and going to do something while they are together? They have done some really crappy things to me this past week. I swear, I get horrible anxiety just thinking about spending the day with them.

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wow, my skids would love it if i got lost somewhere. they would like to eliminate me from the planet.

i suppose i would stay if DH wanted me too and AGAIN be the better person. i get tired of being that girl though. But you would make him happy and not drive a wedge between you.

I can totally see how you dread and feel about it. My skids are just dropping by on Christmas Day and I dread that. I just want to hide in my closet.

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That is such an awesome idea! The middle daughter already snuck and opened FOUR of her Christmas gifts. I took them and I refuse to give them back. I may just donate them.....Thanks again.

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I love that idea. Also think your bf needs to lay down the law before Xmas eve and explain that you're only coming because he asked u too and he promised his brats will behave and if they make him to be a liar there'll be he'll to pay. Make it all about you girlfriend!