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Sometimes I feel special ed is failing the kids

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This week I learned from SS that the special ed kids at school get to do a "prepare exam" that carry some exact questions as the "real exam." Given my SS is never the best person to communicate, I'm hoping this is untrue. I lose count on how many days we have to argue with him that -10 and 10 are not the same, and "I just forgot the negative sign" won't make it right. 

Today we got the teacher's email saying SS is not eligible to extended school year (summer class) and that he is ready to be in mainstream math and English classes.


Rant - Stuck with SS because of COVID-19

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Haven't post for a while. The past 3 weeks has been hard. Because the school has closed all the way till Summer possibly, we are stuck at home with the kids. I'll admit even just with my own it's hard, and it doesn't really matter how sweet DD9 is. But stuck home with SS12 (ASD+ADHD) is even harder. It's almost impossible for both DH and I to work from home because the challenges the kids presents.


To quote StarLord - It's worse. It's so much worse.

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BOTH skids made homecoming court. SS16 is going to be a junior representative.


And now DH is p*ssed at ME for being p*ssed at the situation. He is asking for counseling. He said 'I refuse to do to the littles what I did with the bigs. Take that as a threat if you want but I REFUSE.' Meaning - he refuses to lose time with the little boys by being separated from them via divorce. 

DH can't understand why I harbor resentment toward the skids. "You've known them since they were little! I don't understand how you cannot be attached to them! It doesn't make sense!"