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Just another day, things almost break

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This week we had relatively stress-less homework sessions..although it was only half way through the week, it was better than fighting all the small and silly issues. always, just when I let my guards down, things went down again. This time it was the rice cooker we use. I taught SS how to steam the buns for lunch couple weeks ago. He was able to do it everyday for two weeks (until we ran out of buns) without issue. Then today he almost broke the rice cooker and potentially causing an explosion if I wasn't paying attention to what he was doing. (happened to be cooking nearby) 

I so wish I'm exaggerating, but I am not. 

He told me it was "long time ago" since he last steamed his food and he didn't know he was doing it wrong. I am stressed out because it really feels nothing we taught him stays. (Same thing goes to academic subjects too)

His lack of common sense is exhausting me (and DH, he heard the commotion and dealt with his boy). I get that he has trouble memorizing things, but the biggest issue perhaps is that he doesn't ask because he thinks he knows everything! 

He's almost 13, he wants to come straight home after school (once it reopens again, of course) but I fear our home might not even be there if we do that. It is truly nuts that we have to keep an eye on him all the time.



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This is how I feel about SD9. She can't be trusted to use the bathroom or kitchen without making a mess or doing something unsanitary or wrong. Her lack of common sense drives me up the wall! It's a serious issue in our house. There are plenty of intelligent children and teenagers out there. My SD is not one of them.

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My daughter is 9 and she's can help us when we are cooking. On the contrary, SS needs constant monitoring--and he gets impatient with us because he thinks "he knows."

I just hope we won't be paying for the damage he's done to others one day.

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I don't think it is just a Skid issue.  I think it is teenagers in general.  Both my DS14 and SD14 are very absentminded.  You ask them to do something that they have done a million times and they still need help.  Or you ask them to get something for you.  They claim it is not where you said so you go to look and it is right in front of them.

Both of the teenagers in my life are forgetful.  I think back to my own teenage years and I was the same way.  I tried to cook a baked potato when I was 13, but forgot to dampen the towel. I walked away and the microwave caught on fire.  My mom happened to be in the room and put out the flames.

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My SS's probably a combination of being a teenager and that on the spectrum + ADHD.

Any instructions more than 3 steps is a challenge (to him and to us). It also applies to his academic perfomance. DH and I had no clue how one can "simply forget" how to do math once learned (and we are talking about basic calculation rules). But yea, my SS is that person.