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House almost on fire

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Because SS put 15 minutes on the Microwave to warm up his chicken nuggets.

15 mins would be fine if he was using the regular oven, but not microwave ovens. We all know that but we just can't get this to his head. It obviously didn't help even though the instruction was clear on the chicken nuggets packaging.

My house is now full of smoke and none of us can escape.

I guess I should still be grateful because we are all home and was able to put the fire off (the nuggets were literally on fire). I can't imagine if he's home on his own.

So freaking stressful.


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OY... my SS20 did this with Ramen Noodles. WHY he would think they would need to be in the microwave for 15 mins in a PLASTIC bowl- WHO KNOWS... The bowl melted, had to get a new glass tray, he got major burns on his hand and a trip to the ER because his dum-dum self reached in to pull it out. 

Sometimes you just want to smack the stupid out of them! 

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I'm so agitated right now. I was in a meeting and suddenly the smoke.

At least my SS didn't need to go to ER because DH was the one to put out the fire (Literally). SS13 "offered" to pay for the plate he burned, completely missing the point just pissed both of even more -_-.

Again, god, this is why he had to go to afterschool before Covid even when he is already a middle schooler. Can't be trusted even with the simplest stuff.. 

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SDnow59 lived with us for a hellacious year 2015-2016.  I dont know if it was her drug stupor or what but 1) fell asleep and left things cooking on the stove until the pan scorched.  We found it in time. 2) left a plastic bowl in the oven which started to melt when I turned the oven on.  3) in the middle of the night, while night creeping near our room, accidentally turned on an attic fan which is closed up, could have started a fire if I hadnt woken up.

One of many reasons why she doesn't live here anymore and never will.

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So sorry you had to deal with that even when your SD is in a ripe age of 59...

I can't (and don't want to) imagine if I have to live with SS when he's 59. I'm happy for you that you don't have to deal with your SD now! 

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I hope you aren't dealing with SS at 59, either.  Just hope you dont have an old Disney Dad like we have here.  Lol.

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OSD left either the oven on or a BURNER on more than once - often enough that when she was done in the kitchen I had to double check and get her rear upstairs STAT. One time I found the burner on after DH and I returned from something; who knows how long she had it on.  At least it's a gas stove so nothing melted - there was one close call when she didn't turn off the oven when asked and the meatloaf was pretty darn crispy and we ALL had to eat it because that's all there was.

YSD has burned somthing in the microwave one time. She was alone and scared herself greatly. And she's never done it since. In fact, she's now setting thinngs in 30 second intervals which drives DH and I up the wall (the beeps! over and over and over).

DH has also come close to setting the kitchen on fire and has ruined, and replaced, several pots. He's not allowed to leave the kitchen if he's got someting on the stove.

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Sorry, shouldn't laugh but your YSD was really hilarious with her new strategy XD

I guess it's really not so uncommon to forget something on the stove. We were really frustrated with SS because this only happens when he tries to rush through things and doesn't bother to read the instructions.  His rushing through, and that really, if this is pre Covid, we might really come back with no house to live in (and we don't even own this house).


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30mins. My new saucepan that my late mum gifted to me was ruined!! It had caked on soot black that melted into the pan. 

me and hubby went away for 3 days whilst i was pregnant. You could tell for that to happen it was on at least 30 mins and house would have been smoking.

i lost it with hubby and his idiot son who was almost 17 at the time. Hubby said its ok i'll get a new one. When hubby told off ss the house could have burned down, ss just laughed. It was friggin hilarious to him!! Thats not the issue but ss destroying my property intentionally. Its not an accident as he does this all the time like turn on steam iron that takes 1 min to warm up and leaves it for 30mins only to auto shut off and process to restart happens 6 times before he gets it! Heck i turned off the iron Everytime because no wonder it would get broken easily with that dipshit

my sil was helping us clear the apartment the month before my due date and saw the saucepan. She shook her head and told my sil just what a screw up ss is. They had a good chuckle at that because at times they know how tough i'm doing dealing with those 3 feral skids

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I hope that kid is no longer living with you.

He sounds absolutely horrible. My SS was at least remorseful, it's just never enough remorse to actually make him to change. He used to think if he did not mean to do it, it is not his fault. He's getting a lot better at that though.

I'm still very fumed because our house still smell like sh*t...

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I cooked, cleaned and cared for while he treated it like a rubbish tip. Mid last yr i told my husband i was done and me and our 2 kids were not living in a home with him so hubby bought a home for us in my birth country as our 2 kids are schooling there. Best investment ever, home on the coast (4 doors down from the ocean) its already increased $40,000 in value

house is in my name so skids can't kick us to the kerb as hubby could see sd's and exwife are on a mission to have hubby gift properties to them now before our kids even started school or had any trust fund set up for their basic education and living expenses whilst hubby has the money

my husband already told his son last yr that for the next decade he intended to spend holidays with us and Ss couldn't come because of how bad he treated us to feel so unwelcome. Ss says he'll apologize to make amends but its all talk. Its too late for apologizing especially when he mumbles it and has a smirk the whole time

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I am glad it seems like you finally get to escape from the horrible skids. Good job on your DH to put your name one the new home. Some exes' greed never ceases to amaze me. I never feel I'm entitled to have my parents to get me a house or even that I will JUST get to inherit everything or anything from them. The entitlement of some younger people make me shake my head.

seriously, saying sorry is the easiest thing to do. Don't let your ss go to your new home. He sounds like he has some mental issues.

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All of the skids have mental issues!! They are part bio mum after all. The sd's hubby has been told years ago that our 2 little kids are never to be left alone with feral sd's because of all the disrespectful out of line crap they pull to make them look like saints.