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Don’t know how to coexist with this kid

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We've had busy weeks since our vacation in September. There hasn't been a weekend I even got to sleep in. I told everyone in the house this morning I don't want to be bothered. I just want ONE MORNING to sleep in. 

Of course it doesn't matter to ss16. Yelling in the morning then slammed the door. F*ck i really did jump from my bed from that door slamming. 

I'm so angry and tired that I'm literally tearing up now. (Call me childish or whatever) Idgaf that he's autistic, door slamming is controllable. His "sorry" fixes nothing regardless how magical he thinks it is. 

I f*cking hate coexisting with ss. He can continue to do this and I truly won't care if he ends up being homeless once he reaches 18. 




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I haven't slept in in forever because I'm fully disengaged from these skids so I typically leave early am before they wake up so I can avoid the fake pleasantries.

I don't like co-existing with skids who have no home training either. Theyre the worst kind of roommates who make you regret agreeing to co-exist with their bio parent

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You've summed it up so perfectly ... "I don't like co-existing with skids who have no home training either. Theyre the worst kind of roommates who make you regret agreeing to co-exist with their bio parent". 

I talk about this home training with my partner, parent of my two SS19 twins. I refer to it as pickup after themselves and be mindful of others... all I've gotten these years are blank stares ... like I am speaking in tongues and jibberish... finally after 7 years some things have sunk in when the SSs have felt bothered by things missing, dirty or out of place for example, I hear their teenage affected complaints like "Bruh!!" I just smile to myself in a triumph of finally they felt it on their skin... 

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With increased recognition and diagnosis, ASD really is a huge spectrum, from people with normal intelligence with minor difficulties in executive functioning and sensory issues, to people who are non-verbal and can't wipe themselves. Idk where your SS falls or what his capabilities are. Is he in therapy and/or working with professionals who can help him maximize his potential?

This site is full of stories of neurotypical kids with normal intelligence who display intolerable behaviors and don't launch due to their upbringing. Only you know if your SS's behavior is also due to poor parenting and poor supervision. 

Where was your husband when all this was going on? What did he do? From your previous blogs, your SS's condition is such that you won't have to deal with this for the rest of your life if certain things are done. But, they can't only be done by you. I hope your DH is on board with helping his son reach his full potential with behavior and independence. 

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SS is in therapy, but the therapist seems young and inexperienced, so it's more like a 3-hour long session for ss to monologue through. Both husband and I are frustrated and not sure what to do this this situation.

I would say DH is doing what he can most of the time (there are times SS is just too much for DH). SS being on the spectrum makes it really hard to tell whether this kid is even trying, and now add that teenage attitude to it. 

I am not one to be vague about what I don't like. Whenever ss does something I dislike I sure let him know. so it is hard not to take the repeated offense personally. This is all on top of his shit attitude towards me. 

SS will probably think of me when he's finally kicked back to his own mom and realizes that he actually had everything here. But even if he never thought of me I would still be fine, probably more than just fine, if he is not in my life. 

im feeling much better but obviously still mad since this is not a one time event but rather accumulated crap. I might feel slightly differently or even possibly ashamed of what I said in this post but oh well.

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Killjoy loved slamming doors so we took her bedroom door away and placed a foam noodle on top of her bathroom door so it wouldn't close all the way. The end. 

Play stupid games win stupid prizes. 

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These skids here are heavy footed and heavy handed and so their doors open and close LOUDLY 

I got so annoyed and triggered by it that I (like poster above) found some cheap door handle/lock buffers that muffle the sound.