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Arrogance or Ignorance?

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I tried not to complain too much, and kept my mouth shut since summer break started and let DH deal with SS13 most of the time. I can't help today because my eyes are rolling so hard. I feel evil and wicked but again since I didn't make any snarly comments at home..I think I'm entitled to roll my eyes and complain a bit here.

SS is on the spectrum and with ADHD. Summer school has started and because of the pendamic, "school" really is just at most an hour of Zoom call 4 days a week. Given DH and I still have to work we still put the kids on schedules, except lighter workload. (Basically 9a-12p some school work and breaks)

SS has been in SpEd and not yet at his grade level. We (mostly DH since I chose to involve less in summer) started reviewing 6th and 7th grade math with him and of course when you review the material, they all start out on the easier end. For this reason so far SS has been have a fairly good accuracy at his work, and this resulted in thinking he is at 80% accuracy across the whole 7th grade level work.

I know this because that was what he (SS) said. 

So much for the confidence though, today he's stuck with the same question that he had done last week, and asked help just this morning. I wonder if he could see the irony of the 80% accuracy performance he proclaimed. I bit my tongue and left the room when he argued with DH about his math yet again. I really don't know this is his arrogance or ignorance.

My personal annoyance aside, I really wonder how he is going to be able to work with anyone once he reaches 21.


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This reminds me of one of my SSs. This year, he cried to BM that one of his teachers was mean and also told her that he was afraid he would be homeless if he didn't get good grades. This led to BM getting his pediatrician to say he has OCD and needs to do all his work in the resource room. All of his grades in core courses were also adjusted to be As, even though the work he was doing throughout the semester was not A level work. When learning went remote he stopped doing anything. He told me "I have all As, so I don't need to do any work." Meanwhile, on his most recent state assessment he scored in the low 2 range, meaning he is not even approaching grade-level. He is going to high school next year and I seriously hope teachers don't allow him to get out of ever doing work due to BM's hysterics. I've known him for 5 years and every year except one, he's changed teachers part-way through the year because the teacher was either "mean" to him or "mean" to BM.

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This is such a sad way to set a kid up for failure. I feel bad for your SS but at the same time he kinda (literally) asked for it. :/

As long as BM is all happy to host her son forever I guess who are we to judge?(shrug)