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I’m just being petty but I need to let it out.

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2022 has been very busy and stressful, to add on top of the stress we have to move because our landlord plans to move back. We were able to find a home very quickly and start to plan things around, and DH told SS stb 15 today that we will be moving soon. 

Immediately SS wanted/asked to have the "extra room" as his HW room (there is no extra room, we both work from home and for the past few years I am the only person who has no room for herself in the whole household). He then asked about restroom, clearly also wanted to "claim" one to be his own. (Not necessarily a bad idea, since we all have to tolerate his pee on the toilet seat now, just the selfish thoughts are hard to ignore)

I get that he's on the spectrum, I just really can't stand how selfish he can be. This is not the first time, last time he asked whether I can give him my condo (the whole condo!) to him since I was to move out and no longer needed it. He was under 10 so at least that was more forgivable. (apparently I'm no forgiving person haha) 5 years have gone by and the boy is still the same. 

DH shut him real quick, and reminded him how much the rent is and SS is contributing to none. (Not that we need them to contribute, just at least not to be so selfish maybe??) I am just still not able to get over this yet ...I'm going to blame this on my monthly. 


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How old is he?  Kids can be so selfish and clueless.  Feel free to vent on, we all do.

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He is going to be 15 soon. 

I've been saying all the time that having no space of my own in the house is driving me nuts. But SS never hears it (surprise!lol). If there is an extra room he's gonna ask for it. Again there is no extra room - new house has the same number of rooms as this current one. I don't know why SS only realized that today. (Shrug)

Thanks for listening..

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Steptalk often makes me cringe as I remember my own cluelessness as a teen.   I remember my mother one time exclaiming, "You're not the only person living in this house!"  I cant remember why, whatever it was seemed very minor to my teenage mind.

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I mean...

We all have the moments where we were our teenage years. But seriously never once in my life I'd demand things like this (more space! Bigger room!) without the intend to pay more. I have my selfish moments but I've never told my parents their things are mine. I don't have a step parents but I won't demand things like that with them if I have step parents either. 

I didn't even grow up with my own room lol 

I just can't wait for him to move out and experience how this kind of talk with his roommates will pan out.

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When DH and I bought a house, SD (at the time 10) had her own bedroom and also a dedicated playroom. She also wanted to know if she could have an "art studio." DH immediately jumped in "You have a playroom that you don't even use because you don't use toys, you just use the iPad!" SD needed DH to be VERY direct for her to "get it." Not too long after, we turned the unused playroom into a fitness room. SD wasn't using it as a playroom when she was even here. Then it sat untouched the other 50% of the time she wasn't even at our house. Kids can be totally clueless. 

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Glad your DH just shut that idea down right away lol.

Although we don't let the kids know how much we make (non of their business), we do let them know how much things cost. It just never sinks in to SS's mind anyway. 

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Our rent is over 4K, I told him I'd trade with him if he just pays half of that. That stopped the thought right away.