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On to celebrate SS’ Bday (eye roll)

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I know it's petty, I'm just not a big fan of putting together a party for SS13, even if it's only virtual. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of celebrating birthdays at all, my own included. To me "being born" is not really an achievement of the baby but the mom's (but no, I'm not celebrating for BM in this case)...that's off topic anyway. I do it for others but I skip my own when I can. (DH is big on celebrating these thing so I don't always get to do that on my own..Not a complain, it's sure a sweet gesture from DH)

These past weeks we had tons of "here is one more thing you can do for me on my birthday" kind of talks from SS. And "I want to add one more thing to my wishlist" (already two pages long wishlist there). Annoyed me to no end but I said nothing. I mean, sure he's a kid and almost a teen and he's on the spectrum so whatever. 

And today is finally the "Big Day," DH is optimistic that SS will be fine following through the routine, me not so much. We also walked in to his room finding the blinds have been further damaged for whatever reasons SS had (and he said it's not him, it's "someone else"---funny because on one else in this house does this, and there is no animals in his room, so yes it IS him). I said further damaged because it was already broken by him two years ago and we already had the talk to ask him to STOP breaking it. It was no accident because he just likes to bend and break the end of the blinds.I personally hate things being wasted or broken for no reason so this really rub me the wrong way. (I told SS he will be footing the bill repairing the blinds in his room when we move out and DH doesn't really like it haha)

But anyway, we should all celebrate his birth, because, it's such an achievement being 13. (Eye roll)



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Yes fun times. In our rental home the SDs kept messing with the blinds in their rooms. After being repeatedly told to stop, and not stopping, I told DH I was not responsible for any damage deposit loss. Then I removed the blinds.

After some complaint I told DH to figure out the window coverings himself. So he used sheets. Natural consequences. In our home blinds are verboten.

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We don't own the house we are living in right now, so we will (and should) do all the repair on the day we move out. SS thinks things coming "magically," so he never thinks about how we bare the consequences. I have been making him pay for some of the repairs over the years (never the full amount), it never makes me feel good about it though.

I like how you guys apply the natural consequence in your home. In this specific case we just can't -_- sigh