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Back Yard Chickens - OT

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Anyone here raise chickens in your back yard?  I used to have a few friends on here that raised chickens but have not seen them here in a while? 

I really just want friendly chickens that are good layers.  I want then to be good pets.  They won't just be put in the back yard and left alone.  

Any info would be appreciated.  I have utubed and googles and all that but would like some pointers from people that have BTDT.

We are wanting to make a chicken tractor.  I want no more than 3 or 4 chickens.  

Sometimes DH says the most stupid thing!!

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Before I get to the dumb thing my DH said, I need to do a quick recap.  

SS has been out of the military for about 3-4 years.  He goes to school part time so the military gives him money for school and to live eat and play.  He has had 5-6 jobs over the years and none have lasted longer than 1 month. He either gets fired due to his attendance or attitude.   His wife goes to school full time and works full time.  She works as a vet helper.  SS actually does keep their kids most of the time since she is out at work or school most of the time.  

This B!#@&!

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My granddaughters BM is going to drive me to drink....more.  UGH

Quick recap.  She is crazy.  She hates my DS and all of us.  She hates me, and I quote..."Because I let DS move in with me when they broke up."   She totally thinks that if I would not have let DS move in with me, he would have stayed with her.  .A little while back, she was forced to let DS start seeing his child again.  He gets off a little past pick up time so I have been picking DGD up when he can't make it.  

Freaking Finally!

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Quick run down...

My sons ex started withholding my sons DD several months ago.  (she is 2) He had her charged with contempt.  First court date, she did not show.  Second date, she claimed poor and was appointed a public defender.  Third court date, the judge did not show.  Forth court date, they postponed to the next day due to time.

This crazy woman thinks she is untouchable.

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It has been a horrible few months.  My sons EX abruptly cut off contact about 3 months ago.  My son (and the whole family) have not seen his 2 year old DD in 3 months.  He is devastated.  Up until then, he never missed one parenting time.  


He took her to court for contempt.  The first time she did not show up because she said her street was flooding.  (It was not as my DH immediate went to her street and videoed it.)  They reset for the next week. 


Long...such a mess.

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OMG…My sons X and her father are going to drive me to drink.  Long story short. 

BMs father comes to my sons house and tries to remove my sons DD.  Cops were called and they “trespassed” BMs dad from my sons property.  (means he cannot step foot on the property or he goes to jail.) 

A person that used to live with BM a few months ago, told my son that BM breast feeds WHILE she smokes pot.  AT THE SAME TIME. So son called CPS. 


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As predicted.  BM is now withholding my DGD from my son.  UGH.  He went to pick her up last night and they were not there and would not pick up calls.  So he called to make a report and the cop was a giant ass to him.  Why oh why do they have to be like that sometimes.  I get it...they have much more urgent issues but no reason to just be out and out rude and condescending.  

DSs next parenting time is tonight for the weekend....Im sure BM will withhold her again.  I don't hate people but this stupid girl is getting close to making me.  DS is just so upset.  

Bat Crap Crazy BM

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Last week was my sons 1st full week of summer visitation.  (He has standard visitation but summers are just 2, one week increments, and not the normal 30 days because she is only 2)

 Bat crap crazy BM lasted 4 days before her AND her father called my son and told (screamed) him to bring the child to them.  He told them no, that she is fine and having a good time and he will bring her back when his parenting time is up.  So they called the police to try and press kidnapping charges.  Stupid idiots.    

List for new people. Long and just my humble opinion.

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Lets make a list of things you should not do when getting in a step relationship.  Feel free to add if you want.  As always…this is my humble opinion. 

Some will disagree with me, but this is why I think my step situation has not been as extreme as some others.  Feel free to add if you like….The first two are the most important….IMHO

FIRST … “Date” your SO for more than 2 years before marrying or living together.  (I suggest waiting until kids have flown the coop) And realize that no matter what your SO says…your SO had a part in the break with BM. 


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  So…over the last 4-5 years I have had these “episodes”.  Usually about 2 times a year.  Suddenly, my heart will start trying to beat out of my chest.  No pain really, just some in my throat sometimes.  Last for about 4 hours and then slowly goes back to normal over the next 12 hours.

 I have never had an anxiety attack but that is what I assumed this was.  DH made me go to ER the last time it happened.  UGH.  Never should have went.