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This crazy woman thinks she is untouchable.

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It has been a horrible few months.  My sons EX abruptly cut off contact about 3 months ago.  My son (and the whole family) have not seen his 2 year old DD in 3 months.  He is devastated.  Up until then, he never missed one parenting time.  


He took her to court for contempt.  The first time she did not show up because she said her street was flooding.  (It was not as my DH immediate went to her street and videoed it.)  They reset for the next week. 


She showed up and claimed to be indigent and needed the court to appoint her an attorney.  So they appointed her an attorney and rescheduled it AGAIN for 14 days later.  UGH.  The judge did tell her…”I do not like it when parents keep the other parent away from the child.  You better make sure this man gets his child for every parenting time between now and the next court date.” 


His next parenting time was THAT NIGHT.  Guess who did not open the door?  Guess who refused him his parenting item again? 


This woman really believes she is above the law.  I really hope the judge throws the book at her but you never know these days.  UGH


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It seems like the judge will say going forward she should give her parenting time to him but if he calls the police that she doesnt answer the door they will say go see a judge and judge will say going forward she needs to give him his parenting time.

This has been what Ive seen but have no personal experience with it as BM didnt even wait for DH to get there. She had the kids waiting outside.

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I have a great amount of respect for police officers but they have been useless in this whole ordeal.  No fault of their own.  There should be a law that if the police are called due to noncompliance on parenting time…they should be able to write a $500.00 ticket every time the child is not handed over.  Right then. 

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I detest people like that. The Karma Bus needs to ram right up her backside. So sorry, Willow. 

The court system really does need to be better. Judge says call the police. Police say contact the judge. It's like a freaking Catch 22. Sad

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I wish it were so simple that when someone refuses to adhere to a parenting plan.. that they lose the privilege of being the CP... Maybe you will enjoy being the one knocking on doors

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Thanks...we are waiting to see if she is stupid enough to withold the child on Thursday again.  UGH.  I did not dislike my DHs EX as much as I dislike this girl.  

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Is your son doing any kind of date/timestamp to prove he was there and no one answered? Maybe just a picture of the front of the house... 

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He records every time he/we go to pick her up.  His lawyer said that is all he needs.  He records every time he/we go to pick her up.  His lawyer said that is all he needs. 

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Or if CS payments stopped I bet she'd sing a different tune for preventing him to see his child. I'm sorry you're going through this Willow and hope one day soon she realizes the disservice she's creating to their child.

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You would think huh…Her AND her Dad actually told my son that they would forgo child support if he would just stop coming around for his parenting time.   

This girl does not work…she has no friends and she has told DS, that since she is the mother, she has any and all deciding power over the child.  She makes me wanna gag.

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“High conflict golden uterus bio mum”.

they are batshit crazy, think they are above the law and make the rules. The dad has no say purely because she carried the baby for 9 months and birthed it gives her 100% veto power.

that child is not her child but rather her property. Women like this seriously push a man to distance himself from the kids because of all the craziness. There comes an end point where he can’t unnecessarily go into major debt going to court when they will stall and do jackshit

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OH! I hope that the next time he is in court she switches it to him as the primary! I swear women like this make me sick!!!

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I hope that the next time he is in court she switches it to him as the primary!


 You and me both my friend.  

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Yuck I am so sorry to hear this. I really hope the judge takes action and isn't just all talk.

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The sad part is - she pretty much is untouchable. Unless you have a very unusual judge, this back and forth dance will go on for years, until the girl is old enough to say she hates Daddy and refuses to visit all on her own. 

Family court enables determined parents to cut the other one out. Those parents always have more energy for the game than anyone else.  And now she will have a free attorney to help her. 


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I think the judge is going to be very unhappy that she directly disobeyed his demand that your son get his parenting time between the two court dates.  I hope something good comes from this!

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This is why I keep telling my DS to wait until he is married to have kids and to be careful who he has them with.  I told him that having kids with a crazy or entitled girl can be the worse experience for a man.

Unfortunately, most of the time, you do not know the truth about a person's character until its too late.

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 I did the same!  And my son even saw all of the hell that DHs EX put him through.  It did not matter.  He still knocked up a girl he barely knew.  Makes me sick but it is what it is.  He knows he screwed up.  And he knows he will be paying for that for many many years.  But he would not trade that little girl for anything.  None of us would. 

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As much as DH and myself regret him knocking up Toxic Troll, munchkin sd13 makes it worthwhile. Buts shes hasnt hit 15 yet.