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Freaking Finally!

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Quick run down...

My sons ex started withholding my sons DD several months ago.  (she is 2) He had her charged with contempt.  First court date, she did not show.  Second date, she claimed poor and was appointed a public defender.  Third court date, the judge did not show.  Forth court date, they postponed to the next day due to time.

5 minutes before trial, BMs lawyer requested a meeting with DS lawyer.  BM wanted to make a deal.  It took several hours but BMs lawyer just wanted rid of BM so BM ended up agreeing to the following.  ( I do realize that this would not have turned out this way if BM was actually paying a lawyer for services.)

1. She was sentenced to 30 days in jail.  Suspended. 

2. She will be on probation for 24 months.  If she misses ONE visitation, the 30 day jail sentence will be re instated and she will go to jail for 30 days.  

3. DS gets ALL make up time.  

4. Change in location of pick up and drop off at the police station.  This was because BMs dad kept threatening my DS when he would go to pick up.   (So now BM has to get her lazy a$$ up and out every time to drop off and pick up GD.) 

The only thing DS did not get, that he asked for,  was attorney fees but he agreed to NOT fight for it since he knows he could not have gotten a better deal if it went to trial and also BM will never work.  

Grand baby was totally away from us all for 4 months.  She still remembered all of us and just came back like she never missed a day. YAY!!  

So now for the next 4 months my DS will get his DD every Wednesday and Thursday from 6-8 and he gets EVERY Friday - Sunday, unttil Mid April.





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CONGRATULATIONS to you and your sons victory!!!

I hope you enjoy every single moment with grand-daughter. The wait and fight was worth it!

Wishing you all the best moving forward.

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That's awesome and I hope when she misses they really do throw her sorry a$$ in jail!

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Thats great. The joy of family  is you do often pick up where you left off. Sounds like many yrs of struggle ahead with the BM but enjoy your victory!

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Thanks guys.  And yes Chmmy, she is just crazy.  She makes my DHs ex (and most BMs on here) look like sweet Angels.  

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Wow. I've never heard of a woman being held in contempt by family court. How'd he do that - and get her to agree to it, no less?!

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yes you have, tog,  remember when Medusa was tossed in jail?  Sometimes the system works as designed Smile

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Usually the judge gives the BM a slight scowl and admonishes: "now, now, behave."

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yahoo!!!!   I am so happy for you!  If this broad is anything like Medusa, she will flake out and get tossed in jail Smile