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Not the ideal outcome but a SP reality.

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After the karma bus ran over BM and SO. SO had an awakening that PP (precious princess) is actually a bad seed in need of serious help. Hallelujah!!! 

I already have my conclusions of how this will all end up being the observer over the last few years. But SO is emotionally involved and wants what's best for PP, which is unrealistic because of BM but understandable none the less. 

What a great way to start the weekend!

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Getting to watch the karma bus run over BM and SO.

As sick and twisted as normal people would view my current feelings, I am actually giddy watching BM and SOs current situation.

Last year when OSD started acting out here. I was blamed and scapegoated by first BM and eventually SO because over time it was easier to blame me than except the truth.

Being opportunistic

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Yesterday progress reports came out. I was fully aware OSD is now failing adding to her compounding issues that both parents find ways to ignore and /or justify as "Normal" teenage behavior. 

Last year when OSDs issues began to become problematic I convinced SO to take her to counseling. She went 3x before moving in with BM and they both decided I was the problem.

Here is where we are at today.

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I still am in IDC mode. SO is teetering between self pity and suck up to GF mode. The issue I have is he is still in his funk and completely useless it's like living alone with a warm body. So I find myself still annoyed with him because he should start to learn by now and stop living for OSD who is not here, and start putting more effort into his relationships with those of us who are.

When you have finally reached the point where you have nothing to lose.

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Everytime OSD graces us with her presence. The cycle begins. SO expects a different result, gets all excited and worked up. Then lavishes OSD with dinners, gifts and his undevoted attention. Once she has used him up, approximately 4 days in. She begins her tyrade of verbal abuse and blatant disrespect, then exits. SO falls into a depression, where he stays up all night pouting then sleeps all day, doesn't go to work and does nothing around the house. He ignores me and the other children and can't understand what my problem is.

Oh Yay!!!

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OSD plans on gracing us with her presence, because she can not figure out how to activate her iphone and I refuse to help so SO will have to take her to the store so they can do it. Also she is waiting for her shipment of clothes to come in.

Reality check! The gloves came off.

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As a good friend once said to me. He who cares less always wins. Well as SO reached his usual point of completely losing his mind after a visit from OSD. I pushed back with total and complete disregard for SO or his feelings.  I unleashed a storm of harsh truths on him, because I will not partake in his craziness for one more minute.

Wow thank goodness SO explained it's just a phase!!!

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Update:. SD 14 called BM who came to get her. Not sure what abuse stories she told her to make this happen, but YAY for me!!! SO of course is blindly optimistic thinking BM came to get her because she misses her and wants to see her and she will be back next week. 

I do not anticipate this happening as SD squeezed every ounce of money out of SO she could get, she tried very hard to work her unbelievably fake charm on me but received nothing but the cold shoulder. She also received the same from everyone else in this house including her own sister. 

Who needs tv, this show is way better

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So SD is falling into comfort. After shopping and getting home at 9pm, and spending an obsurd amount of money on SD altogether for Christmas. While I bought myself some new outfits and a coat while SO shopped for SD.SO had already given me his portion towards the bills this month, so I don't care what he spends.