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Woke up still seeing red.

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Last night after working both jobs and DS attending summer program and then wrestling right after. We get home at 8pm. 

There have been no issues at home and everyone has been getting along great.

Cue last night as soon as we walk in the door, no hi how was your day, nope! 

SO immediately starts in on DS to go outside and clean up the dog poop. Mind you it has been pouring rain all day until just before we got home. I say no DS hasn't eaten dinner and has to eat it's late.

No way BM lied!!

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BM and her ex had court today. Unfortunately for BM she was unaware that vindictive SM and SOs mother were helping her exBF. Because what better way to to say FU to a woman who has made SOs life a living hell other than to make sure she is made to look like a complete a$$ in court. 

The list of lies:

ExBF beat her, the kids and the dog.

SM provided texts between SM and YSD where she admits to assaulting exBF and her general disdain for his existence. 

SKs have never acted out or disrespected any adult other than exBF.

How are things going with the dysfunctional family?

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Well in in today's episode of the Jerry Springer show. Which SM now gets to watch as an audience member. 

SDs are now verbally and physically assaulting each other all day everyday. They take each others belongings and destroy them. BMs way if dealing with this behavior is to join in the fighting and arguing.

No, no, no YSD

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This kind of behavior should be shocking. But having dealt with BM and SDs and their alternate plane if reality for several years now. I can't say I am even the slightest bit surprised.

After talking with YSDs worker, I was informed that two weeks ago YSD was still standing firm on her decision she didn't want to see SO.

Not sure what to make of this?

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As expected it's not as much fun for YSD at BMs house as she thought. Apparently being verbally and physically abused by OSD and completely ignored and neglected by BM isn't so great. 

So YSD has been texting SO pretty regularly. Yesterday she asked if she could see both him and I for a few hours to visit. He mentioned this to me and I said sure when did he want to see her.

The definition of insanity

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Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. I can't tell you how many times I have heard the counselor say this to SO. The question is, will he ever get it?

I have pretty much grey rocked SO when it comes to SKs. In addition to making sure he bares the full weight of his stupid emotionally charged decisions. 

SO text OSD that he got her a cell phone and all she has to do is apologize to her grandparents for trying to have them arrested. 

And this is why

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You never, ever have shared expenses!!!!

This morning I woke up to an email for a $300 bill. SO and I have one shared account the phone bill because it was cheaper for us to combine lines. 

Well today after work I will be seperating those lines and going back under my own account. SO will be left having to pay this ridiculous bill since it's in his name. 

Was this handled appropriately

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Or should SO have taken the higher ground? 

YSD text him yesterday repeatedly after 3 weeks of BM taking her phone. He ignores her at first because he is still upset he didn't hear from her at all Father's Day and for how she has treated him. 

Prior to her exit 2 months ago SO was told daily by YSD how she absolutely hates his guts, he is not her father and so on.

After leaving she refused visitation, counseling, basically any contact with him stating her reason being she will not see him until he takes the parental app off her phone.

The Teflon Mom

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So apparently BM who has a long standing history with CPS for her other children has been cleared of any wrong doing.

It seems that blantently ignoring a physicians mental health diagnosis for one child, not following through with the recommended medication management and counseling is not indicative of medical neglect.

How big of a POS can BM possibly be!

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So SO and I used to get upset with OSD because literally not even a month after buying her new clothes she would cry she didn't have anything to wear. We assumed she was leaving them at BMs so she could get more clothes from SO because BM only spends money on herself.

Well exBF recently told me that BM would take OSDs new clothes for herself and he used to get annoyed with her and say it's not SOs responsibility to provide her with clothes. He said he thought it was pretty scummy of her to steal from her own kid.