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We had a very good talk about what was written to the ex-SIL. I don't have a problem with DH speaking to the ex-MIL or ex SIL I understand they are SS family and SS needs them in his life. Ex-SIL has a problem with me over a post on FB fom 2yr ago and she thought I called the probation officer on her sister. I get it she is being big sister but I'm not one to F with. "I ain't a killa but don't push me" lol I take the higher road and stay out of it all and sit back and laugh. I'm sure if SIL knew the truth she would see things differently but I don't need validation from her.

This man done lost his cotton picken mind!

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26 is the number of times Meth mom called yesterday from the county JAIL. All were collect and all were not answered. Come on 26.........yes I know he has nothing else to do while there. Where were the 26 FREE calls to her son when she was out of jail. She knew she was going to get caught why not use your free time wisely. I guess she was getting high on meth....... 

So lastnight I noticed all the calls from her and I seen calls from her mom to my BF. Then I decided to see if there were text. Well there was.......... 

Wonder if she figured it out?

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Well once Methmom went to jail and has been calling @6xs a day. Her letters have flooded in to her son. Not much content there oh did I mention SS5 can't read sentences yet!!!!! I don't want him to learn how to read by reading his mommy's snail mail from JAIL!!!!! SS still don't know where she is, we don't think it's appropriate to tell him.  

My Patience is running thin!

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So the snail mail from jail is flooding in. Love letter after love letter from jail from the ex wife. I know the meth monster is in JAIL and she needs a fantasy in her head to help pass the time.... Well it's pissing me off. Who like to see love letters being sent to their SO? Not the girl!!!!! I'm trying my best to not to take it out on him, I really am! I think I have made great progress.  It's just frustrating. I know this meth head is just trying to get under my skin and don't give it the satisfaction of knowing that. 

Appropriate communication

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Yesterday was SO bithday and he kept getting calls from the county jail. I thought it was probably because she wanted to reach out to wish him a happy birthday but probably not. He is the first one she runs too whenever she is in trouble. That is ok because he has never come to her aid. 

No boom boom No communication

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I hope it's ok to discuss this topic. We have had a huge snag in the bedroom. It not all the time but it happened before and I thought being honest and communicating that i was not being satisfied. My needs aren't beeing met. Before someone says," well maybe its because HIS needs aren't being met!" Um NO, I watch his needs be met Everytime with or without my help. 

My question is, how do I approach the issue to him?

Why don't our SO see the other perspective?

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Why does it alwayalhave to be so difficult? I have been sick on and off with  weather changes down here in TX. I usually don't get allergies or sick for the most part. Well this year has kicked my ass with being sick. Once imI'getting back to my self again bam it hits me again. Back to the dr and back on antibiotics......the works! 

It lasted only a week!

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Hi guys heres an update. BM still not locked up no surprise there!!!!!! Monday she had a PO visit in the town next to ours and she decided to stop to spend time with SK. She pulled up and DH if she can see SK. Of course you can, we do not deny her from see/visiting but he WILL NOT go to where ever BM is. Well SK came out and she gave him a hug and then left( such quality time). DH told me about iyias soon as it got home. NO BIGGIE, I said thank you and brushed it off. Earlier that week I did notice multiple calls from an unsaved number and i had my suspicion that is was BM.

This man is something else....ha ha ha

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Okay y'all know I have been in a funk for the past few days about the BM. So yesterday I decided snap out of it move forward with this relationship, I have been disconnected and a little distant. For the past month of October I have been sick due to the weather changing. I haven't felt in the mood for some cuddle time nor have I felt very sexy with these crazy bodily functions happening due to several different antibiotics I've been on. I noticed they were having a sale at Victoria's Secret so I decided to go get a few things for some adult time with him.