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My Patience is running thin!

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So the snail mail from jail is flooding in. Love letter after love letter from jail from the ex wife. I know the meth monster is in JAIL and she needs a fantasy in her head to help pass the time.... Well it's pissing me off. Who like to see love letters being sent to their SO? Not the girl!!!!! I'm trying my best to not to take it out on him, I really am! I think I have made great progress.  It's just frustrating. I know this meth head is just trying to get under my skin and don't give it the satisfaction of knowing that. 

In her letters she professes her love to him over and over again. She begs and pleads her case to him. She writes their son letters like he can read. Do you really want your child to learn how to read by reading mommy's letters from jail? Not gonna happen! She keeps begging for him to come see her in the county and bring their child!!!! Ha ha ha ha, NOT HAPPENING! Jail is no place for a child to see their parents at least not at age 5!!¡!¡!! She had her friend call and write letters to him asking for money to put on her commissary account..... Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Not happening either!!!! It's actually funny as hell. She has burned every bridge with everyone even her family. I was even willing to send her photos of her son so she can see him but NOPE, not anymore. That bridge is burnt down too!!!!! 

Just had to vent and get this out before I take it out on him. He don't deserve that. He hasn't accepted any collect calls from her or any calls from her friend who keeps asking us for money. Probably some of her meth head friends. 

I have had so many thoughts on how I can respond to her disrespectful letters.... 

1. Write her a letter expressing myself to her.

2. Go visit her in the county since she is begging for a visit. 

3. Answer one of the 6 calls a day and tell her to F-off and focus on her sobriety and doing her time. 

It's not ladylike nor in my NEW character to let this Meth monster get me this way. I'm human and have flaws, it's only wrong to act upon my hatefulness. 

So I've come to a more subtle solution. Next call I'm going to block ALL calls from the county. Next send her love letters back to her and all future correspondence. "RETURN TO SENDER" She will get the hint on who she pissed off. Of course I am going to make sure my SO is on the same page. 

Thanks Step Parents for letting me vent. Any advice is welcome and appreciated. 


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I think your last suggestion is the best - ie block and ignore.  Engaging with her may relieve your feelings in the short term, but like a troll she will see ANY attention as welcome even if it is negative, and will redouble her efforts.  I wouldn't even return her letters, just bin them without reading.  

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I think blocking the calls & return to sender is best. Either that or I’d start burning any letter from the county jail before it was opened. Pretty sure return to sender is the better option Wink

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I believe DH can inform the jail that an inmate is sending him harassing letters and they will stop them on their end.

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Between you putting return to sender and blocking call and the other poster that said inform the jail of being harassed, I think you can put an end to this drama pretty quickly!

I would be livid in your shoes and I totally get the struggle to not blame your DH considering she is his ex. Keep reminding yourself that crazy is crazy! You can't fix it but hopefully after a few steps you can at least keep it away!

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I would do as the others have said - block and return to sender. She needs to get the message that this is not acceptable behaviour and you will not put up with her constant harassment. At least if you do it this way, you don't have to deal directly with her, which would simply feed her. 

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She in jail,  She has no one to talk or send letters too.  Or anyone to put money on her book.  Guest her friend have other uses for there money,   Block the calls or call the jail.  She has years to write and call 

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Go to your local PO and bring one of the unopened jail mail. Maybe they allow you to filter out stalker mail?

Block her number and her meth posse numbers. How long is she in prison for???

Do NOT confront her. Meth addicts are extremely dangerous! Change locks, get a  doorbell camera, beef up home security. Probably a bunch of meth losers know your address now. Meth addicts will do anything to get more meth. HEED MY WORDS.

If your husband will NOT do what it takes to block his ex and his scummy friends you have a husband problem. Does biomethwh0re still have parental rights? WHY?!?

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One of letters claimed that she spoke with him on the phone and I was pissed last night. I OE him up and asked him about it and he Denys it. I believe him. The letter was written on yellow legal pad paper and a pink pen. I know you can't get pink ink pens in the county. I believe it was written before she turned herself in. As her friend claims. I think she was busted out of bed from the looks of her booking photo. Who 

He claims he don't remember me confronting him but i think he does. I'll deal with him

I'm just going to do as everyone suggest Block and return. I can find out how much time she gets when it's updated on the public records website. So no need to read it from her Letters. 

Thank you guys I feel calm again. 

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DH should contact the jail. She is basically stalking him and he might be able to get the letters stopped at the source.