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Black friday

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Anybody else work retail management? Are you excited for Black Friday? I actually like working it, I'm actually kind of disappointed my not working Thursday when the doors open.

Anyone else going shopping?

Things never get better

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It's been three months since I've really posted anything. I've been adjusting to mommyhood and a new job. Ss stb 13 is turning into someone I don't enjoy being around. He is play the "poor me, I'm a child of divorce" card. Dh and Bm have been split since he was 4. He is doing this because he is getting into trouble at school. He has not been handing in his homework and blames his messy locker and backpack. He is not putting two and two together that he is the cause of the messy locker cand backpack.

Ss is a pig

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Ss stb13 is a pig....! Tonight I made a spaghetti dinner with meatballs, garlic bread and a salad. Ss said he wasn't that hungry. Told him tuff nuggets your eating anyways. So after dinner I wanted desert, so I went to grad my stash of Swiss cake rolls. I should of had a unopened box, check it, one packaged left. Ss first admitted to eating one package, then finally 5 packages.

He never brushes his teeth when he is at his mothers. So I think I will have to hide ALL the sweets when he is here. He did this last visit with pop tarts and dh didn't want to believe me.

And the FUN starts...

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Bm decided to start the drama again today. She bombarded dh with scheduling text messages today. They both acknowledge the start date of the EOWE. The CO states dh is to get ss half of his Christmas break STARTING the day after Christmas and ENDING the day before school starts. She wants to argue that it's only to be half of the break. But it clearly states the days.

When does this feeling go away?

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I am a new BM and I just get so antsy around BS. I feel like I have to give him constant attention and entertainment. I lone for the days I had free time and could just nap when I wanted to. I also miss date nights with my DH. I love my BS very much, but if I could chose over again, I would wait.

When does this feeling go away?

My sister is embarrassing

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I'm just so embarrassed for my sister. She is a year younger then me but we don't have a relationship. I just learned about her 3 years ago. Last week she posted on Facebook that she got food stamps so yay for shopping. Then today she posted she got Medicaid for the kids so she is making appointments.

Who would post stuff like this publicly? Then she takes pictures of her newly decorted apartment. Granted is cheap cheesy walmart decor, but if you need help with food you shouldn't be buying unneeded upgrades.

Job vent

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Now that I have a new job, I can vent about my old job and not be afraid to get fired for it. So I worked for the "wonderful" company of walmart as a salaried manager. I could write a book on what I have see and gone through with this company. Example - grown adult pooped on the floor in front of everyone.

The associates are entitled whiny babies, the customers are interesting to say the least, and there is a lot of office politics. I was paid 10k extra for "combat" pay because I worked in a very scary/poverty area.

So glad I'm moving on to a more conservative company.

OT but exciting news

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So my company decided to put me on overnights when I came off maternity leave. This was hard to adjust to because I never got to see BS or DH. So I started to apply for other jobs. Yesterday I got an offer and it's 6k more then my current salary and closer to home. I'm so excited, I will go back to normal living.

My own step parent issue

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My Step father and I have never had a good relationship. He is a drinker and gets aggressive when he is drunk. Example - he ripped out the stove and beat it with a baseball bat. I have had no relationship with him since I graduated high school. I didn't in it's him to my wedding but he still showed up with my mom.

So sad

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Today BS giggled for the first time and it made me sad that my maternity time is up in a week, and I'm going to overnights. This also makes me HATE BM even more. While I'm at work for 12 hour shifts and not seeing my baby. She gets to sit at home with ss12, her dh and 4 lust nuggets and live off welfare and child support.

I guess I want a better future for my child, so to work I shall go.