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Ss is a pig

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Ss stb13 is a pig....! Tonight I made a spaghetti dinner with meatballs, garlic bread and a salad. Ss said he wasn't that hungry. Told him tuff nuggets your eating anyways. So after dinner I wanted desert, so I went to grad my stash of Swiss cake rolls. I should of had a unopened box, check it, one packaged left. Ss first admitted to eating one package, then finally 5 packages.

He never brushes his teeth when he is at his mothers. So I think I will have to hide ALL the sweets when he is here. He did this last visit with pop tarts and dh didn't want to believe me.


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OMG that is sickening! That is totally gross. Yes move on to hiding food. Hide them in a sealed plastic bin your room or in a linen closet or in his case under the toothpaste lol! We are in same boat just posted about it

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We have a pantry too and I thought about putting a lock on it. But we have a new house and i don't think I should have to drill holes in my new walls just to keep a kid from earring all these sweets.

And I don't want to stop buying them. I enjoy a desert after dinner every once in awhile.

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Stick em in your closet on the top shelf behind a stack of sweaters. Or in your underwear drawer. That's where my chocolate stash is. Wink