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Black friday

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Anybody else work retail management? Are you excited for Black Friday? I actually like working it, I'm actually kind of disappointed my not working Thursday when the doors open.

Anyone else going shopping?


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NO. NO. NO. NO. And NO!!

I avoid Black Friday as though it were the zombie apocalypse.

I am very much against retailers staying open on Thanksgiving. Or opening in the evening for a Pre-Black Friday event. The greed of these retailers is disgusting and I've stopped shopping in several stores because of their apparent lack of respect for their employees and only thinking of ways for the executives to line their pockets (at the employees expense).

The people shopping on Thanksgiving are even worse.

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So where do you shop at? Because a large amount of businesses are open during thanksgiving. Just remember there are employees, like myself, that enjoy working these events. It's a thrill/rush that only comes once a year.

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I said retailers (meaning dept stores, specialty stores, etc.) Please don't read more into I wrote.

ETA - Or lecture me on economics. I've a right to my opinion regarding retail stores opening on Thanksgiving.

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I have went out a couple of times on Thanksgiving when the stores opened at 10pm. We did Target and Wal Mart. I go with my sister. We have fun. We put some wine in a thermos and drink that and it keeps us warm Smile

Last year I got the LAST 3DS, which is what I came for. It was such a thrill!

This year I am not going, only because there isnt anything I really need.

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I've done Black Friday shopping a handful of times (none of that waiting in line for hours crap though) My mom and I used to do it, just for fun, really. Since I had BS4, I haven't gone and I don't foresee myself going ever again.

I have honestly found that most Black Friday specials are also available on line, so I just sit on the couch after Thanksgiving dinner and shop on line. Most everywhere has free shipping, so why deal with all the Black Friday idiots when I can have everything I want delivered right to my door?

Oh and I learned the hard way about the "cheating" I did go to Walmart 2 years ago on Thanksgiving night because they had something I wanted to get for BS. The store opened at 10 p.m. I got there right at 10 p.m. and was confused as to how there were already hundreds of people in the check out line, with full carts etc. and of course the item I wanted was gone. I found out that people can go at like 5 and put the stuff in their carts and walk around and just check out at 10 pm... that's CHEATING! Oh and people were acting the fool, the police were there, it was ridiculous, I left in tears and vowed to NEVER do that crap again.

I hate people