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And the FUN starts...

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Bm decided to start the drama again today. She bombarded dh with scheduling text messages today. They both acknowledge the start date of the EOWE. The CO states dh is to get ss half of his Christmas break STARTING the day after Christmas and ENDING the day before school starts. She wants to argue that it's only to be half of the break. But it clearly states the days.

Then she texts that she wants to switch Mother's Day weekend. She had to input a snide comment "since I gave birth to him". DH said no. We have been burnt in the past, we don't swap weekends anymore, ever! She texts back; it's far enough out for me to petition the courts Smile

I hate this person, I would love for her to take us to court. Then we can show how unreasonable she has been to work with and we have contempt documentation.


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Follow the court order. That's why they are there and if BM doesn't like it then she can take it back to court.