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The dreadful weekend is approaching

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Does anything else start to feel a little sick when "that" weekend is approaching? The one that comes every other weekend. I know I do! My husband will come home in a bad mood from picking SS up because he had to see BM. He says he gets physically ill when he just has to look at her. I honestly enjoy that part, it allows me the chance to justify in my head that he traded up. she is probably 260lbs, 5 foot 3, and wears high heels everywhere. Mind you we live in the Midwest and there is 4 feet of snow everywhere. She likes to accessorize the high heels with pink camo clothing - true hillbilly white trailer trash in my mind. when she comes to the car to start stuff (usually she just sits in her POS car), we will roll the window down to see what she needs to say, if its crap we just roll the window up so we cant hear her

The part I dread is having SS12 over. I feel like i'm on high alert when he is here. My DH said the word "sucks" in a sentence and SS told him he wasn't allowed to say those words - WHAT?! This kid will expect that we do something every time he is here to entertain him as well - what happened to the days of just playing outside or playing with toys? He just got all the Lego sets you could think of for Christmas and birthday, go entertain yourself. He will also sneak food into his room and i will find stains later on, and have to get on my hands and knees to scrub them - i'm 7 months pregnant. My house is new, all my furniture is new, and he has no respect for anything in this house. He is doing this vomiting thing on command pretty much, and expects daddy to feel bad for him. He never makes it to the toilette, I cleaned it up a few times. I started to catch on to him game and my DH disagreed with me. So now DH has to clean it up, and he has a weak stomach. Pretty sure SS will be cleaning it up very soon, or miraculously he will be healed!

The only time SS will speak to me is by asking me if I have to work today. When I say no, he sighs. I do not feel very welcomed in my own home on the weekends. I know everything that we do here gets reported back to the BM.


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Oh yes...I remember those days. Thursday morning I would wake up in the worst mood because I knew they wouldn't be leaving. Even worse was when my DH had to work on Saturdays. For the longest time, I refused to watch them. Eventually it got better though. in years later.

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Count me in too.

THAT weekend is coming up.

OH will leave work early on Friday to go and get them and they will be all over him until he takes them home Sunday and I hate it.

I hate that I can't get a minutes peace in my own house, I hate that SD takes over my kitchen and won't clean up her shit, is all in everyone elses business and sooks and carries on to cause trouble, I hate the SS will be stuck on OH like a rash, when he's not in bed - which he will be til midday - and then it'll be Dadddeeeeee make me breakfast! Daddddeeeeee come and play --- with me! Dadddddeeeeee I want I want I want.

Laying all over him, both of them glaring at me and my dd's if we happen to speak or be in the room. Following OH out of a room and loitering until he comes out of the loo FFS.

Taking command of the TV in our "adult" living room when they have a kids play room complete with TV upstairs... By the time I get home from dropping my dd's at dancing Saturday morning SD will be ensconced in MY spot on the sofa, watching inane Disney Channel kids shows until OH takes them out at about pm.

Cannot wait!

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I win....I get this feeling EVERY day driving home from work....every minute I am home SD is there....every day & every weekend. Everyday I get in my car I wonder what errand I can run to get home later....I think the only thing she says to me on the weekend is "where's my dad" response is usually toilet or shower...god forbid he is out of sigh for 5 minutes. Gag!

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Yep, I do get that feeling. But it's not just weekends. We have SS14 two weeks on/two weeks off.

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Next time he sighs I might just blow up and start taking half of his stuff away - I paid for half of it, so i'm taking it back!