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Things never get better

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It's been three months since I've really posted anything. I've been adjusting to mommyhood and a new job. Ss stb 13 is turning into someone I don't enjoy being around. He is play the "poor me, I'm a child of divorce" card. Dh and Bm have been split since he was 4. He is doing this because he is getting into trouble at school. He has not been handing in his homework and blames his messy locker and backpack. He is not putting two and two together that he is the cause of the messy locker cand backpack. The counselor has been making ss sit in his office everyday during his study hall time to ensure ss gets his homework done. I'm sure Bm is checking it at home. He has 4 other children and she is not to bright herself.

Dh is worried that ss is the odd child at school. I can def see it, this weekend ss was outside raking leaves cand a few neighbor kids walked by. I found/ heard ss barking at them. I had to go out and correct him. Ss likes to play and talk about things that is considered for "babies" and unfortunately high school is a tough place if you don't fit in.

So ss want to play basketball. My dh wants to travel 5 hours with BS 6 months to attend his games. I work I. Weekends and we live in an area with lots of snow, so traveling can be dangerous. I tell dh that ss should not be playing basketball until he gets his grades up. Dh said he doesn't want to take away something that could help ss make friends.

Then we get into an argument about that. Then I switch gears and ask him if BS was popular and he had bad grades would you allow BS to play basketball. Dh said no, so I immediately called him out on his double standards.

I really don't care what grades ss gets, he's not my kid. I do care if dh takes my bs traveling for the weekend to watch ss play a game when in all reality he should t be playing in the first play. So I go a whole weekend not seeing my son and worrying about thier travel.


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He's been tested by 4 different specialists and they come up finding nothing

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Yeah I work the weekends and my DH does the babysitting. I would not have to much of an issue with BS going but we like in an area where blizzards happen and any given moment. My husband would have to travel 5 hours at least one way to attend these games. We don't have family where we live and don't really know anyone. So a babysitter is a little difficult. I'm nervous about looking up a Radom person on . I'm always worried about someone shaking the baby, I don't know why but I am.