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Reward for Step Momming

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If you remember my last post about my SM co worker this is a bit of an update.

She came in and showed me a bracelet that one of her step daughters gave her for Mothers' Day. It was a nice bracelet. It had a charm that said family because, as her SD put it, she is her family.

Co Worker trying to convince me to be a 3rd parent

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My co worker is trying to convince me that SD has 3 parents.

Co: well how is SD supposed to feel when she sees that you get all this stuff for DD but you don't get anything for her?

Me: like she has two parents that can provide what she needs for her and I'm not either of said parents.

I said that just because i don't buy extras doesnt mean SD isn't provided for (not that that is my responsibility). My addition to her life will always be felt just in the way her father can now do for her.

She has a place to visit and a stable place to lay her head. ✔

Thinking DH needs a tune up

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This goes back to the shoe thing if you guys remember. (DH bought SD some sandals and I had some suspicions)

DH let it slip some weeks ago that BM said SD needed some shoes. I didn't react at the time but it did connect some dots for me. We spent 2 weekends in a row looking for shoes. Neither pair he bought were expensive and i thought he just wanted to get her some shoes, but i know my husband. While i really couldn't point to anything suspicious, intuition (?) just kept kicking me in the ribs.

OT - Movie Unforgettable is pro step mom

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Dh and i went to see it last night. I thought it was a 'single white female' or 'fatal attraction' kind of movie at first and it kind of is but it revolved around a step situation.

The SM started off like most of us, trying to be nice and not ruffle feathers, but the SM caught on later in the movie. You even go through the movie thinking the DH is a total waste but he actually does come through in the end.

SD phone Vent

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SD8 had her phone with her and spent the whole time trying to call her mom. We have had this problem before and told her and BM not to bring it to our house but, here we are.

I'm thinking about taking the phone and hooking it up to my bread board. When SD asks me what I'm doing i'll lay it on super thick and say something like:

Taxes - Final and other thoughts

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I owe about 2.5k. Didn't see that coming. I thought I would owe about $200. I misunderstood what would be deductible and didn't with hold enough.

DH only had about $100 in with holding for the whole year anyway. He thought there was going to be some big cash out because this would be our first time filing married and having a baby and a house but that didn't happen.

Cat is Out of the Bag and Pays Taxes

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BM: SD told me about the baby. You can afford to have another baby but can't file your taxes!!!!!!!

That was the text DH received. I told him she would flip when she found out. For whatever reason he thought it wouldn't phase her; like it has nothing to do with her so why would she care. O was he wrong.

I'm sure there was more to the conversation but that is all DH has told me. I'll try to get more details.

Our Taxes

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BM asked DH why hasn't he filed his taxes yet. Here is the exact exchange:

BM: hey, any update on taxes?
DH: Hadn't done yet
BM: why are you waiting so long
DH: because I haven't gotten around to it yet
BM: yea but the cut off is april 15 i think and it is so important to me

Girl, sit down on a train track. She liable not to get his taxes until August anyway once i file my injured spouse form. Plus, everything is set up so as to not over pay. I made sure of that this year on my end but I'm not a tax guru So she may or may not get anything.

Canceled v cancelled

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Y'all. It happened. The most passive aggressive note happened.

We had to cancel a meeting due to people not showing up. This is a frequent issue at my job. I put up this sign:

Meeting canceled. Will not be rescheduled. Please see forthcoming email.

And some @$$hat writes in an "L" trying to correct me. So I wrote back on the note:

One "L" is perfectly acceptable. The difference comes from difference in American and British culture.

It has stayed up. I will take it down at the end of the day.