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Its been a very long while since I posted. I don't really know why. I am so filled with venom and disdain, I am making myself sick.
After everything that I have done to extend myself in order to make things better, things have only gotten worse.

question about protection for step parents....

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I have heard it said here many times that step parents have no rights. I know for the most part that is tue, and it blows, but... I have also heard that BM cannot restrict her child from spending time with her ex's new wife.

We are not married yet but will be before the end of this year (possibly this month). I've looked online and cannot find ANY information about this... Can BM make it so that I cannot see her daughter once she is my step child? Is there ANYTHING I can do to protect this from happening? Anything her father can do?
thanks for any info and advice.....

unbelievablly insane. I need some answers, PLEASE?

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Hi all, I'm back. Its been a while and lately I've been reading more than posting. Not because things haven't been crazy, oh, indeed they have. Just because I can hardly get the words down on paper (real or imaginary).

I've been trying very hard to focus on me a little more, what with being sick and all. But this week I feel overwhelmed and need to vent. I am ALSO hoping there is someone out there who has dealt with a Property Settlment Agreement and a crazy BM who might be able to let me know what I am in for.

Now for the venting...

fantasy of retribution

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Okay ladies (and gents)... We've all been through it, regardless of our place as BM, SM, SM&BM, SD, SKID, etc.,
Try as you may to deny it, I know that there has been some mental tinkering with the fanasy of retribution.

I admit it, I've fantasized about all manner of evil tricks to play. There is NOTHING wrong with THINKING about it - its just fantasy, right?!?

I am very curious to know what dastardly revenge fantasies you've all come up with and by all means, if you ever actually DID anything to get revenge!

Mamma and her cupcakes.

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So as you recall, our last email from BM was signed Mamma, which threw me into a tizzy. Sunday came, and we dropped of SD at mom's house instead of police station in an effort to "cooperate". It came at the end of a very very hard week for STBH and I, we were arguing for five days about his agreement in mediation.

Mediation Update.

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So, In the last two days, I have officially lost every ounce of my cool, and I think, possibly my respect for STBH.
As some will remember, STBH agreed (against my warnings) to enter into a "mediation" towards reaching a settlement about custody and the finances.
On several occasions he and I agreed that the bottom line was to be that he would not walk out of there without 2 things in agreement:
1) shared custody both legal and residential
2) the passport

Realtime SM, second wives groups.

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Do any of you ladies have local step parent step mom or second wives groups locally where women in situations like ours can meet to talk in real life? If so, are there any resources you can advise for me to look into for such a group?
I could really use a support system in town as I know no one here but my STBH and his ninety y/o landlady. Oh and the nutcase STBX.