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Childrens stories for step parents???

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Does anyone have any really wonderful reccomendations for illustrated childrens stories (age range from 3-7) about step mothers, belnding families (or folding;)?
Also, if you were going to write such a story for your own step kids, what would the message be? What would you want to include? Why?


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Thank you for the tip of the hat, I appreciate it. I think it would be best to create your own. And when you do, make it fun to read, not clinical. I think the most important message is togetherness and respect. So often us 'step' folks are just that, STEPS. Someone to walk on or over. I am not saying every 'folded' family is like that, but a good deal of us are. I have always told my children from the beginning, you may not like your 'step' mom, but you need to respect her as an adult. And as a 'step' (As mentioned before, I am working to replace that word), I want to be treated with respect. Yes, I know I am not your father, but you should still respect me and being a family means being together. Respect also goes for the other children involved. If my girls aren't with us, the boys won't go rummaging through their stuff without asking first. I hope this helps.

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For the past few months, I have been going back and forth with the idea of creating a series of children's books that deal with real issues. What made me decide was after my daughter was attacked by a dog when she was two, we went through three years of therapy and she will always have PTSD. Then, we went through the divorce issue a few years later, then the step family issues. I have looked around, but these topics in childrens books is very scarce. My DH has been encouraging me to do this for awhile. I met with a therapist today who has agreed to oversee what I do. So I am glad to see that there are other parents out there that are looking for this sort of thing as well.

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...but we found a fabulous book for dealing with the death of a beloved pet. It's called "Dog Heaven" and it really helped our son, not just with the pets but also when my grandfather died.

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