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Mothers day.

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My sister sent me a card. STBH didn't. I guess we aren't married yet so I am really NOT a step mom. Still, I feel like one and i am dissapointed.
Happy mothers day to all of you who KNOW you are mothers despite what the papers say or the lack of cards and recognition.


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I know what you mean. My Dh is on the list. He said today that he still has to get me something!! He said he didn't have time before. I said it's not a matter of time. It's a matter of priority and planning. I told him to just give me some money and I'll go buy something myself. Grrrrrrr!!


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I got nothing. Not a happy mother's day, not a thank you, nada, nothing...unless you count the laundry waiting to be folded.

I just don't get it. I know I'm not a BM, I'm not even an official SM, but after 8 years together, and living with/helping raise quasi-SS for 6 years, doesn't that count for SOMETHING?

I'm with you, I'm disappointed. Worse yet, I feel like a child throwing a temper tantrum if I say anything. So, I guess I'll just suck it up like last year and become even more bitter.

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Well what could have been good went so bad, my boyfriend offered to cookout for me and two of my friends for mothers day. Only it started raining. So i told him "WE" can cook in the house. So he proceeded to sit in the livingroom while I cooked dinner. Each time I asked him to do something he acted so put out. But here's the topper. I told him on FATHERS DAY he can cook me dinner, he said why your not a mother.... what a blow. I said yeah your right, remember that when you want me to care for your son. I play mother like I play wife, too bad they don't have a card for that! He said that came out all wrong, I said don't worry about it. I finished dinner, visited with my friends and as soon as they left, I jumped in the bath and went to bed. Happy Mothers Day and goodnight.
Believe me I didn't expect anything, but to hear him say it like that hurt worse. Oh well until next year.