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The BALLS on this woman....

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So STBH and I spent two FULL days drafting letter to the attorney and are making a request for custody based on the events of late. In the meantime, we went to daughters school. As BM constantly complains she hasn't the money for her daughters education (despite paris and costa rica) I opted to pay for her education. Her mother has her enrolled for three half days a week. She ad's the lunch hour for her (BM's) convenience, and as Tuesday is her day off of work, she put's her in school for the full day on tuesday. Understand, this is for no one's convenience but the BM - as she is unable to GET her to school most days but she is ALWAYS there Tuesdays. So fine, I pay for the three half days, and lunch because I think social time is important for SD.
Bills come to me. The teacher called BM to ask her cooperation in this - as IF she would ever turn down financial aid. Puleeze. So what does BM say?
She gets angry and demands that I pay for all day Tuesday, her "day off".
Some brass balls.
I haven't vacationed in ages. She takes two international trips in five months, has health insurance covered by STBH, receives support, I pay her daughters education, and she is a small business owner - where she works a four day week and only five hours a day, and yet she STILL threatens to take him to court to get more money!!!! And after everything she has done, does she just graciously accept the offer to pay for her education or proudly refuse? NO - she requires MORE.
GRRRRRR. I just wish I had a chance at some sort of revenge. Sorry all, but I am hateful today. I just cannot let it go. This woman is a horrible mother, a gold-digger and a psycho-whack-a-do. I mean INSANE!