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Is it worth my sanity

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I think this is one of my biggest questions with steplife. 

It is definitely hard sometimes because BM constantly acts like what she says is what goes and doesn't really try working with DH a lot of the time. But then is it worth our energy to fight any of it. Then there is dilemma that it let's her still think she can just essentially strong arm every situation which makes us want to dig our heels in. 


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Curiousity, what are reasons any of you have switched attorney's? 

We kind of feel like our attorney hasn't been truly listening to us in any situation and are seriously considering switching attorneys because we feel it is adding frustration on top of an already frustrating situation. 


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I need to stop letting BMs nonsense bother me but it is so hard sometimes. There was an article titled is someone you know the human version of cramps and my mind immediately went to BM. It is even worse because she has a very common name and whenever I see it I cringe. 

Venting like an AC

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I feel like the drama never ends. Now I don't think DH has been necessarily all peaches to deal with with BM and his relationship but it just aggravates me that she does not see how she creates a lot of the drama especially recently. But I guess what else can you expect. DH has been kind of scared to push at her with things in the past and they have only had an actual CO for two years. You'd think having this would create less drama but we have probably had more in the last two years than for awhile even despite her moving across the country. 

They never disappoint

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The fun of discussing summer visitation has started! We received an email from BM asking about dates we are okay to take the girls, which is fine, but it starts with that the girls would like to split up the visit and have a week with her family smack dab in the middle. 

DH and I both feel like having all days consecutive would be best considering what happened last year with have a very minimal split in time. Also, it creates more unnecessary contact and drama.

We respond to BM just saying we feel it would be best for both parties to just have time consecutively. 

Easter fun

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I'm learning exactly where BM learned all her BS from. Her mother is just a much a piece of work. 

So, she asked if she could drop off Easter baskets to the girls yesterday morning. I said we have plans so that time doesn't work. When we were available I said we were but apparently she wasn't.  Then on our way home pretty late she asks if she can drop them off. We say no because it is too late. The question of today came up and we said no because we are just going to focus on the Holiday. 

Spring Break

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We pick up the girls this Friday for their spring break. DH got a text from YSD asking if BM's Mom and sister could pick them up one day when we are working because all her family lives in our state.  Honestly, DH and I don't want to give any time to them because for one it created issues over the summer when we tried to work with them.  Also, I am not comfortable with them picking them up when we are not home. We don't give a key to our place to the SKs because boundaries were crossed during the summer and don't plan on providing one in the future.  

Sick of feeling screwed

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I feel like I just snapped. 

We got a notification from BM that ORS had the incorrect CS amount so there is no way DH could have been caught up in order to claim ONE out of the TWO children they have on taxes. We contacted our attorney who said DH may have inadvertently been behind but it would still make him ineligible to claim but advised we try contacting ORS ourselves first.

One thing after another

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Dh got a text from BM asking if we claimed one of the girls on our taxes because her taxes got rejected. We confirmed yes because we claimed OSD per the CO.

There is a clause within it saying that he must be paid up to date with all child support and insurance premiums. BM is trying to say DH was not current with child support and that he needs to amend our taxes. Well DH confirmed in December he was current with ORS and we told her this... 

Another Braces question

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OSD is getting braces, DH attempted calling to get treatment information as well as make payment arrangements on our side. The office said that BM has to authorize him to release information. So, we ask her to authorize as we would prefer making payments to the office directly. Also, unfortunately we have learned not to take BM's word for anything.