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One thing after another

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Dh got a text from BM asking if we claimed one of the girls on our taxes because her taxes got rejected. We confirmed yes because we claimed OSD per the CO.

There is a clause within it saying that he must be paid up to date with all child support and insurance premiums. BM is trying to say DH was not current with child support and that he needs to amend our taxes. Well DH confirmed in December he was current with ORS and we told her this... 

Her response was she only received so much for the beginning of the year and had received payments into this year. Also saying  she will call ORS on Monday. Which tells me she claimed both running off of an assumption. And mind you this is the first time in 13 years he has claimed either of his two children. So frustrating.... 


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She may be able to make some stink. Regardless of what the CO states and regardless whether or not the federal IRS let your initial claim through, as BM is the custodial parent she may have to had signed a form (which you would then attach along with your tax papers).

See form 8332.


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If the divorce was finalized prior to 2009, you do not need form 8332. You can attach pages from the CO, if they contain the same info that is on the 8332. From the IRS:

If the decree or agreement went into effect after 1984 and before 2009, you can attach certain pages from the decree or agreement instead of Form 8332, provided that these pages are substantially similar to Form 8332. See Post-1984 and pre-2009decree or agreement on page 2.

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typical GUBM golddigger

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Just would prefer not everything to come with a headache... I know I am just dreaming there hah.

We mailed in the 8453 document showing we could claim the OSD. Which is probably why hers got rejected and not ours. 

She definitely attempts to screw DH every chance she gets. 

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"Girhippo?"  She sounds like a clone.

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DH just gave up trying to claim SS alternate years as is in the CO. Not worth the hassle. 

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they would let the BM have her way regardless.

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She would have never filled out the form, blah blah blah.  She's just so good at lying and getting away with shit, that we'd rather just forgo the money.  We don't need it.

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Chef doesn't make very much money and the CS takes a huge bite out of it as it was basically imputed.  I am the breadwinner so I had no problem letting Chef know that he was being over generous and that the Girhippo needs to pony up.

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We didn't get a huge return but it definitely helped out claiming one of the two children. 

Sometimes reading into stuff makes my mind worse because it seems she could screw us if she really wanted due to her being the custodial parent. But we checked everything on our end at least so she doesn't have huge recourse and we could essentially go after her legally if she does try to invalidate our taxes... but that would cost more to go that route.  

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Ignore. She tried to do something she wasn't allowed and it back fired. She was hoping she'd get hers in before you guys. You know if this was flipped she'd tell you too bad.

BM tries to bring up money sometimes and SO just ignores. Reminds her she has access to the same website he does and if she has an issue she can contact them and then stops. As long as your in the right don't let it get to you.


OH can I add here that there is a form you can fill out and file with the IRS that would prevent the other parent from filing for the kid when they aren't allowed. I keep seeing this posted in the group I'm in on facebook. It called Form 8332. You can get a judge to order it be completed and submitted when they make orders to split the tax credit if I understand correct.