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Is it worth my sanity

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I think this is one of my biggest questions with steplife. 

It is definitely hard sometimes because BM constantly acts like what she says is what goes and doesn't really try working with DH a lot of the time. But then is it worth our energy to fight any of it. Then there is dilemma that it let's her still think she can just essentially strong arm every situation which makes us want to dig our heels in. 

Although my sanity is worth more than any of it I feel. But I can tell you if she tries to come at us with anything like last summer I will personally tell her to shove it. 


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None if this is worth our sanity. BMs who think bevause they dropped a lid put their vag they rule the world are wrong. Some day it comes back to bite them

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Sometimes it's worth the "fight".. sometimes it isn't.  If it is no real skin off your nose to agree to something BM wants.. then why fight it on principle?  If it is a major issue and will cause grief, expense, major inconvenience etc.. push back.

Believe me, I understand.  It obviously would irk me when my DH would slip BM a 20 for "gas" when he was trying to get the girls for the weekend.. but that minor bribe was a lot less of an issue than a major fight.. or her refusal to hand them over and expensive court and lawyer fees to enforce things.

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Nothing is worth your sanity. People like BM, you only address and deal with what's priority as it pertains to the kids, anything else you ignore. If you don't entertain her BS she'll become irrelevant in your lives.

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Nothing is worth your peace of mind.
When my health was affected by a nasty, violent SD and messed up ex wife who egged on her daughter, I called it quits.
I loved my SO, but a life instability was not for me.
It hurt to get out, but it was the best decision I made - for ME.

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above the law. She has alienated all 3 of their kids, successfully made them failures to launch, they’re narcissistic with no respect for others and their boundaries and privacy.

when she had sd message hubby with her nonsense hubby ignores it. She isn’t worth arguing with.

he is used to zoning her out. Hubby is done with court against the exwife as she successfully effed them up enough with her lies and abuse/neglect etc...