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SS has left my house...I can't post short blogs LOL.

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It all came to a head Tuesday night.

I get really amped up and have been for a month with SS there, the COVID, work shutting down and my crew the only ones on sight and me in charge of millions of dollars of equipment in the data center and I'm just a supervisor and all alone (I have an 8 person crew so they are a huge help) keepiing it all together.

Bored and an update - sorry long

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So a few weeks ago, I blogged about DSO and SS and said that SS couldn't come here for his constant disrespect.  SS stayed with SD and I predicted 48 hours he would last.

Well he lasted 47 hours.  March 6th SD and SS blow up DSOs phone and he had to run and get him.  He just moved SS ass right in, disregarding my wishes.  I told him that I would go to Moms until they could find somethng.

Short Update

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Thanks for all of you comments on my other blog.  I realize some newer members think I'm young, new at this, and dependant on DSO financially. This is why I never got married.

My Momma taught me to not lean on a man.   That is a driving factor for DSO.  I DO NOT NEED HIM.   I can survive without him and there are men that would jump in his spot with a lot less baggage.

DSO dumped the Asshole at SDs little tiny apartment as his brother didn't want to deal with the mess.  I'm thinking it won't last 48 hours as SD has rules and SS doesn't like rules.

Update to DSO seeing the light

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I know there were texts back and forth with SS and BM (yes, she shouldn't be involved) but DSO only told me about 3 texts.   I stopped sneaking his phone to look at texts a few years ago since I almost got caught 3 times in a week LOL.   Here are the texts, this is in DSO's words.  I don't know the order he received them either.

1.  BM:  Can you come get SS and take him to your house to go onto computer and put in an app at Walmart, or take him to Walmart

     DSO: Nope, I'm busy tonight.

Do you see the light yet DSO??? Sorry long.

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I haven't blogged in a really long time.  I really don't need advice but need to tell someone of my glee on DSO finally seeing the light with YSS, well I'm hoping finally he does.

YSS has always been a hand-full.  He and BM are just alike, being the arm chair psyche that I am, I think its severe Borderline Personality.  They both fly off the handle for some small perceived thing and become aggressive and violent.  I kicked YSS out years ago and he can't stay more than a few days at my house.

Almost my 10 year anniversary on ST

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In a month, it will 10 years I landed at this site and felt at home.  I don't get on much lately as we are over with the skid duty finally.  My dSO and I will be together 14 years this summer.  He went from 5 hours of visitation on Sundays, to EOW, to full time parent in 2010.

Some of my old blogs I left up.  It was like living in an alternate universe how fucked up the skids and BM were and continues to be. 

OT - Looks like our Teacher strike is over

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If any of you have seen on national news, the entire state of WV has been out of school for 9 days due to a teacher strike.  

A deal has finally been reached and they will return tomorrow or Thursday.  This doesn't just help teachers, but all state employees, like me, are getting a raise.  This is huge because other than a $504 raise we received 2 years ago, this is the first state wide raise in 10 or 11 years.  At the same time, insurance costs have skyrocketed.

My awesome Christmas gifts.

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I am editing the 'used' pedicure set to regifted set. I didn't proof read.

I haven't posted a blog in a long time. Skids, while still driving me insane at times, really don't stay with us much.

I also noticed that I have been a member for 8.5 years here at ST.

DSO admits that OSS is sneaky and a thief LOL.

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We are leaving for the beach next week. We have a dog, so we needed someone to come and let out and feed for 4 days. My DD said she would do it, but I didn't want to burden her since its a long drive from her house to our house and she has a 2yo DD and a puppy herself.

So DSO and I were trying to think of someone else closer. The dog is a 100lb German Shepherd, so it had to be someone the dog knew.