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SS has left my house...I can't post short blogs LOL.

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It all came to a head Tuesday night.

I get really amped up and have been for a month with SS there, the COVID, work shutting down and my crew the only ones on sight and me in charge of millions of dollars of equipment in the data center and I'm just a supervisor and all alone (I have an 8 person crew so they are a huge help) keepiing it all together.

So SS had been gone from Thursday to Tuesday night.  He calls DSO and DSO runs to get him in another county about 30 miles away (a county where the cases are started to get high numbers in the past few days).  While DSO ran, I re packed my suitcase and made my decision to go to work Wed. and then tell him I'm out and find a room somewhere to stay.

Another thing was that DSO was in a really foul mood Monday when I got home from work.  SD texted me with screen shots BM had sent her.  SS was msgiing BM that DSO was a dick and fucking asshole bc DSO would come get him from a different place than Tuesday and take him to someone else's house to 'work'.  I still say that was code for drug deal or to see his Mother who lived near this supposed old woman he did work for.

Anyway, We really went at it by text yesterday and then got down to the what needed fixed.  Not just SS but other issues that were causing a problem on my end.  I stayed at a hotel last nite (I'm kicking myself for spending that money now) hoping I could forget everything going on and sleep, and that didn't happen.  My phone was dead and I had no charger so that was nice to get away from it.

DSO was going to leave and go to our camp but he had just signed up for unemployment and needed to be in cell service when they called to get his unemployment and him laid off was not a factor in this at all, we knew it would happen.  I wouldn't go home anyway bc I didn't know if SS would show back up and since his stuff was there, as far as I knew, and I had to stand firm.

We are hashing things out today and of course SS is a big sticking point to me.  Between him running the counties, hanging with a known crack head, and not trying to find a job, he needed check.  DSO said that they got into it yesterday, DSO picked up our door stick (one that goes in the tracks of the sliding glass door) and was ready to go at him with it and DSO told him to not come back.  SS knew he was serious and packed stuff and took off walking.   I think BM got him, IDK.   DSO said that he told BM thanks for getting him all wound up and to not bring him back to the house.  She can manipulate SS so who knows if she was fueling SS behind the scenes but that is just a guess on my part but I would bet my paycheck she was.

This wasn't just a SS problem.  DSO has gotten very lazy with a lot of things, like helping around the house, and just realizing I'm stressed and at a breaking point.  But knowing SS was gone has lifted a huge weight.

I'm only working a half day and taking off tomorrow.  Supposed to be warming up and the sun is shining.  Always a big help.

You know, my DS, he was 20 then, was a complete Ahole to DSO in the beginning.   After I kicked his ass out and he did some growing up, he actually apologized to DSO for the way he behaved, with no prompting from me and he really meant it.  They are good friends now and do a lot of stuff together.  SD19 and I had some bumps but we are friends now also.  She was so excited for her first 'crappy' apartment and I pick thiings up for her if I see them bc I want to.  I don't want SS and DSO to be estranged, but while he doesn't have to love me, there has to be respect for both of us.  I would absolutely have no problem with DSO helping his son, that is what parents are for, to help their children but not bc the Asshole guilts him and treats him like dirt.

Stay safe everyone!



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I'm happy to read this update, in that skid is gone. You did not need that on top of everything else and I'm glad DSO is seeing that you are at your breaking point. Hang in there - it'll get better!

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You deserve so much better, OP. I hope you tell your SO this is it, the last straw, and that if he ever pulls anything like that again, he's OUT.

It sounds as if your whole relationship has gradually slipped more and more out of balance, with you picking up too much slack for your SO. He should be paying his fair share, PLUS extra board for his useless criminal son. I hope you take the opportunity to lay down some much needed boundaries - IF you decie he's worth the bother. After all this, that's certainly in doubt.