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Do you see the light yet DSO??? Sorry long.

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I haven't blogged in a really long time.  I really don't need advice but need to tell someone of my glee on DSO finally seeing the light with YSS, well I'm hoping finally he does.

YSS has always been a hand-full.  He and BM are just alike, being the arm chair psyche that I am, I think its severe Borderline Personality.  They both fly off the handle for some small perceived thing and become aggressive and violent.  I kicked YSS out years ago and he can't stay more than a few days at my house.

SS turned 20 Dec 12th, a Thursday.   The events leading up to his Bday were chock full of excitement.   SS and BM got into a fight, BM kicked him out (this happens frequently) and SS kicked in the door of BMs free housing.   BM called the cops and SS hid for a few days.  He was in constant contact with DSO though and DSO brought him to our house on Tuesday bc the bitty baby boy had nowhere to go (in other words, he was out of money, cigarettes,.and drugs).  On Wednesday DSO and SS go to police and find out SS needs 338.00 to stay out of jail, and that would be his fine in court the next week.

Its 2 weeks to Christmas and DSO does not have 338.00 to give the asshole.  DSO has to ask his brother for the money (this was a huge hit to DSOs ego having to do this but its his wittle baby boy), and he took SS with him so SS could Thank HIm in Person.   Brother told SS that it was a loan and SS swore he was getting a job to pay him back.  Thinking SS would be with us for a few days (a week was my limits I placed), I pick up a bday cake, and DSO could go get them dinner.  Funny thing happened, SS went back to BMs but came to the house long enough to get his cake, his 40.00 bday money and then go bck to BMs.  I knew this would happen but DSO has a huge blind spot for this kid so I keep my mouth shut.  Supposedly HUD (free housing authority) kicked SS out of BMs apartment but he is still living with her.  I also told DSO thats the last time I'm buying a cake for BM to eat.  I don't buy one for the other 2 skids.

Christmas week:   SS says he is starting a job on Jan 6th at one of those call centers.   Yeah SS, once a customer is rude to you, you will flip shit and cuss them out, so I don't belive him. at. atl.  Even though SS didn't want anything for Christmas except to stay out of jail, he comes with his siblings on Xmas Eve, gets his cash and thats the last DSO hears from him for days.   Didn't even say, will you give 20 bucks to Brother or take me to Brothers to at least offer him money.

Sad part was Christamas Day.   My 2 kids, my DIL, my grandson all text me Merry Christmas.  SD texts both of us after she gets off of work (worked 4am to noon).   Neither one of DSO's boys even text him (OSS is 26 and lives with his 47yo Suga Mama).

Jan 6th is today and Jackoff starts his job.  At 945 last night, YSS texts and asks for money.  DSO ignored as we were in bed bc we get up at 515am to get ready for work.

DSO texts me at 1130am today and says he probably didn't go to work as SS and BM are ignoring his texts.  SD said she doesn't think he went bc he was up very late last nite trying to bum money from her.

Once again, I tell DSO that he needs to stop enabling the asshole man/child.  I said that if SS wants money, he comes to our house and works for it.  There are some heaving lifting things that he could do that is hard on just DSO and I to do (DSO was giving this kid 20.00 a week and if SS showed up at DSOs work, he would give him cigarettes or a few bucks).  DSO responds he has no more money to give anyone.

Anyone wanna place their bet on how long before:

a.  SS asks for money for some sorry reason and DSO bends over.

b.  SS will create this huge story that its DSOs fault bc the asshole didn't have money to get to work (he lives half mile away) or BM didn't wake him up/or take him to work.




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Ugh. There would be no more "D" in front of his name if my DH did this crap.  What an enabler. 

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If things went further than a $20 or a night at our house, then he would've been out the door.  DSO doesn't blow his money and I have complete control (seperate bank accounts though) of his account so its all good on that front.  

My attitude is that if my kids need to borrow money (they both work, have kids, mortgages, etc) that is my business as I work for it so I can't deny the same for DSO.   He wants to throw $20 down the drain a week, its out of his paycheck.  DSO just needs to see the asshole for what he is and treat him accordingly.   Especially when the asshole doesn't even bother to text him on Christmas day.

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HUD is just the government agency that finances individual housing authorities.  IF the housing authority kicked him out, he's no longer allowed to stay.  He could get caught on tresspassing charges and go to jail for that.  OR BM AND SS could get evicted for allowing him on the property, especially after distruction of authority property (the door).

He's enabling hardcore... SS is going to continue to bum and be a mess so long as it's allowed...

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He will end up in jail, and hopefully BM along with him.  BM claims to have a lot of ailments and I would bet my paycheck there is selling of opioids, xanax, and whatever else going on.

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Hi bearcub. 

Your SS is a complete waste of skin and oxygen. I've hated that selfish arsehole for years.

I give it a week until he sends another mooch message. Gotta get those ciggies, after all. Does your SO always tell you when he hears from his son?

If you want to have some fun, remind your SO that he needs to set up a payment plan to pay his brother back. That should hit him right in the place where his balls should be.

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While everyone knows he is a waste, DSO kept holding out hope.  He usually does but I can go into his phone records and see when they text, but can't see the texts.  

I just asked if he had heard from SS or BM.   They've been texting according to the logs so we'll see what he says.

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So I finally asked DSO if he had heard from him.


He didn't go to work and said he will be homeless the 9th and have no way to shower.   He always has some excuse.  

Just like Jackoff SS, he worried about his bathroom time.  For those of you that don't know, this man/child would spend hours in the bathroom until even DSO figured it out.   He can go through a triple roll of Angel Soft TP in a day and then I go thru a tub of clorox wipes cleaning the damn bathroom.

My response:

He's trying to make you feel guilty.   He didn't worry enough about being homeless to go to work.

BM lives in town, small town but lots of job opportunities.  He could easily walk to many jobs, including the one he didn't go to.

We live 4 miles from an interstate and 4 more miles from town, on top of a Ridge to boot.  DSO works from 7am to 4pm.  I work in a town in the next county and just get on the interstate so don't even go near our town.  He sure as hell can't live with us and work any job.  He doesn't have a license or car.