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OT: South Padre Island, TX

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Sorry for the OT...

Has anyone been to South Padre Island? I've been researching and researching and researching trying to find the *perfect* place for DH and I to go for our 5 year anniversary and I think I have settled on South Padre Island. There is a resort there, right on the beach that seems to fit all of my "wants". Plus the prices seem very good.

I know it's known as a party place during Spring Break but we would be going in early October (I know.... hurricane season).


How are we responsible ?

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How are we (SMs) responsible for what goes in our homes and lives when it comes to the skids and BM?

We are quick to place blame on bratty skids with no morals and bad behaviors, crazy BMs and Disneyland Dads. But what about us?

Aren't we responsible for our own happiness?

If we continue to stay in relationships that drive us crazy, where we are undermined and undervalued, aren't we responsible for that?

How does your marriage work?

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I think marriage works in different ways for different couples. Lots of different ways for the relationship to work depending on the couple.

I'm curious as to how everyone's marriages work. Examples I am thinking of....

Are you a couple that do everything together, run everything by each other, share finances?

Are you both independent and do your own thing and then meet up in the middle?

Are one of you needy, reliant on the other without much of a social life outside of the your partner?

So those are the examples I thought of off the top of my head.

OT: Tax Refunds- POLL

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What do you typically do with your tax refund?

Use it to pay bills, splurge on something, invest, save?

How do you feel about "lower income" workers who manage to get $5,000+ back on their refund because they have a child.

Would you rather have the extra money throughout the year or do you like getting a refund?

What are some of the more unusual items that you get a deduction/credit for?


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So for SS's car accident that I posted about... looks like BM has a ticket for failure to control and a court date, etc. So if SS was driving why would the ticket be issued to her? The car is in her name. I wonder if SS and GF bailed after the accident and if they just left the car or what. If the police had came, SS would have been arrested because he has outstanding warrants and he doesn't have anything new on his record.

SS and GF in car accident

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So I look on FB and SS's GF had posted about them being in an accident last night. It was a rollover and she went out the back windshield because she wasn't wearing her seat belt. Somehow they are both okay... just very sore.

SS is an idiot driver. I don't even think he has a legit drivers license. Besides the accidents he's already been in (maybe 3??) he also has OVIs (2) and numerous tickets for speeding and other things.

The weather was bad last night. I'm sure that didn't stop him from driving like an idiot.

OT: Believe in ESP?

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Do you believe in ESP and do you ever get it?

I definitely believe in it because I get it! My Grandma (my mom's mom) also had it.

Some examples:

I knew when my BF was in labor.
I knew when my cousin's GF was pregnant.
I knew when I was going to run into this girl I did not like at the grocery store.

And the funny thing about the ESP is that I never fully formulate the thought in my head or speak it out loud. It's just like a passing by thought and then it happens.