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It's been almost a year since youngest skid aged out

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It's been almost a year since YSD graduated HS and aged out. Wooo hooo!

In the past year (give or take a couple of months):

DH has made upgrades to his motorcycle- paid cash

DH bought a truck- paid cash (he was saving though prior to end of CS)

We bought a new to us camper- paid cash

In this past year I have also blocked YSD and OSD (MSD already was blocked) from my social media and I have had little to no contact with them. I have not seen MSD in over 2 years, going on 3 years. I have briefly seen YSD 2 times for less then 10 minutes total. I have not seen OSD since the last time I saw MSD.

YSD also in this year had a baby (she was 8 months pregnant when she graduated), got married and moved to another COUNTRY with her DH who is in the Air Force.

SS is still around but we don't see him very often.

Mine and DH's relationship has improved in some ways. We still struggle with other stuff. But me cutting off any form of contact with the girl skids has been a blessing and put things in perspective for me. I just stay in my own lane and don't worry about what little contact they have with DH. The 2 times that I have seen YSD I said Hi and then kept it moving. I think it has shocked her more then I am at that "could care less" stage.

DH still has his moments. He sees the close relationship I have with my family and the things we do and I think he wishes he had that but he wishes it as in it would all just work out and everything would be sunshine and rainbows as opposed to the reality which is HE and his KIDS and even myself would have to put a lot of work into and DH isn't willing to do that.

With the new camper he has mentioned a couple of times about camping with the kids/grand kids. It annoys me but I'll allow him to fantasize about it. It's not like he would actually plan and follow through with anything. And I think he thinks he wants to do it but the reality of spending more then 1 hour with his kids/ grand kids isn't going to happen.

Here's hoping to improvement with each year!


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Mine aren't aged out yet (and I'm soooo gonna copy you and save that money that would go to CS for toys!!) But since they PASed out, I love not worrying about their regularly scheduled nonsense. It is such a relief! Enjoy!!

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That sounds so nice!!

Leave it up to your DH plan those camping trips - it's likely they will never happen. If they do, you don't have to go! Plan a ladies' weekend with your friends or spend it solo!

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Here in NYS "aged out" doesn't come until 21 (and beyond).  SD will "age out" by November 2019 then only one on CS until January 2024 (yes I'm counting the DAYS)   Chef is technically overpaying CS right now so looking forward to the DRASTIC downward mod that will take place in November 2019.  Also we kept the little note the Girhippo gave the court saying she "doesn't want any CS from Chef" (unless Chef continues to have no involvement--that was in the invisible, errr fine print)

So if she starts the garbage about CS continuing past 21 because SD is continuing to fail semester after semester of remedial grade school community college, we will whip out that little note.  We also have to go attorney shopping at some point next year.

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Congrats! I know you are in cloud 9 and can relate to that liberating feeling of being able to purchase things without having to budget so tightly. Cheers to many more motorcycles, trucks, campers and whatever the heck your heart desires Yahoo

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Hey zerodtepdrama! It’s been awhile since you’ve posted, and obviously that’s a good thing. Cheers to you!

i can’t wait for the aging out in our house!