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This is what was done in 90 minutes

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SIL who lives in NC had evacuated back to home state and was making her way back to NC and stopped over in our state and stayed the night. I was out of town for work.

This is what happened in 90 minutes or less. From the time that SS (and his GF and her 2 kids) and OSD (and her DH and their 3 kids)till the time they left.

They showed up at 8:30 on a school night and stayed until 10.

All the adults (including my DH) sat in the living room wile my BS13 basically "babysat" the kids ages 5,4,3,2,1. And by "babysat" I mean he basically spent 90 minutes stopping the kids from destroying his bedroom, from trying to get them to stop jumping on my bed and to get out of my office and to stop pulling my 19 year old cats tail.

OSD's 5 year old bit BS13 when BS tried to stop him from going into his bedroom. (Not just saying this because he's my kid but my BS is VERY good with kids so it's not like BS was being mean.)

A pole from the railing in the living room was broke.

I have BS's toys in a basket in the living room for my g-niece. They were played with and BS had to pick them up after everyone left. One of the toys was a handmade drum and stick set that came from Canada and was broken.

A couple of days later when I came home I found a teether, bottle lid and bottle of Pepsi (that had leaked and had no lid on it) underneath the chair in the living room.

The real icing on the cake was seeing an accidental video that my DH recorded of my SIL (who is normally very kind) "screaming" at my BS to put down OSD's 1 year old. My BS was carrying him down the very small hallway, out of his bedroom and back to OSD. SIL was screaming at BS about how he was going to hurt "the baby" and he needed to put him down. Instead of looking at her niece (OSD) and saying, grab your child from causing destruction in someone's house.

A couple of things to note:

DH rarely sees or talks to OSD and it's been years since she's been in our house because both her and her DH are thieves, her DH is a recovering addict and OSD and I don't like each other and she has been outright disrespectful to me. However when family comes to town DH likes to use our house as a meeting spot and thinks everything is water under the bridge when it comes to his family being in town and the skids.

Since I was out of town and it's been awhile I decided I wasn't going to stress about it.

BS said that SS's GF's kid were really good and OSD's kids were really bad. Not surprised. I could tell BS didn't want to tell me any of the bad stuff that had happened but it came out over time in conversations.

BS said he introduced himself (with a handshake)to OSD's DH since he had never met him and BS said that he acted like he didn't know what to do. LOL. Guess he's not used to kids with manners.

I'm really annoyed with my SIL for yelling at BS and acting like he did something wrong when it was clear he was the one watching all the kids while the adults didn't care. That should not have fallen on a 13 year old.

So much shit going on in 90 minutes... This is why I don't want OSD around. Little stuff but still super annoying.


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Yep sounds like a Skidnado!  Used to have those alll the time, pretty much have them eradicated at this point but sure they will come back.

13 is plenty old enough to carry a 1y/o, my 8y/o tries to pick up our 2 y/o and we have asked her not to because he is like a marlin out of water sometimes, just flopping about, arching his back, kicking, you know typical 2 y/o stuff. There have been times he has almost flopped out of our arms so an 8 y/o shouldn't be taking that risk, but 13 plenty old enough to do so, you SIL was outta line since it wasn't even her kid !

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I have seen my BS with lots of little kids and he is so good with them. And honestly it's probably 5 steps from his bedroom down the hall to the living room. She was overreacting so much it was ridiculous.

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Oh.. my.  That reminds me of a post we had on here a year or so ago.   Someone was incensed that her SD wouldn't put her up in her home when SD was already hosting several other direct family members and kids.  She just didn't see why they couldn't accomodate a few more adults and children... lol. THIS is why.

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And DH wonders why I think so lowly of his kids. THIS IS WHY! The last 2 times she was over with her kids, it was a couple of years ago but they were outside and got all the outside toys out of the box and then left them all in the yard. Like come one, at that time she had like a 2 and 3 year old and she got out soooooo many toys and left them all over our large yard and then didn't pick them up. I swear she did that shit on purpose.

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Is this a generational thing?? I just posted a blog about SD25 being mad at DH for him commenting on HER lack of parenting. SMH

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Oh the lack of parenting - SS is 34 years old, his GF is either 29 or 30 and their child is about to turn 3.  They are old enough to know better.   The child is 100% non-verbal and they are doing nothing but laughing over it.

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If my bs had to deal with all of that I would treat him to dinner and a movie with a friend. That’s nuts. And he handled it like an adult which he didn’t have to do. He could have called you up and complained but he didn’t. He wanted to save you from having to deal with it and that’s so sweet. Boy deserves a night out. 

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It is pretty sad that with all those adults in the home, the 13 year old is the responsible one.

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was giving me flashbacks about Chef's 3 pecarries.  

SD when 7, literally unhinged a heavy glass shower door which was newly installed....CRASH!!

Something was always broken when they left to go back to the mothership.  I would start my fumigation and repairs as soon as I saw the backs of their heads getting smaller and smaller as Chef drove them back in the monstrocity and permanently filthified grocery getter Chef insisted we have "for the skids."  Culminating with YSS at the time stb 7 shitting all over my house out of anger due to not getting his way.

Hope your skids have paid a MASSIVE security deposit!!