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living arrangements

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Well...been gone for awhile.
Job keeps me busy...lots of developments since the last time I was on here.
Most a call from one of the 12 yo SS's tonight...with BM in the background...she told him to call...
Anyway, he and his twin brother want to move in with us!!! so they are coming for an extra weekend so we can all discuss it.
At the end of the phone call, BM told H that if the boys move in with us she will not be taking them for visitation...that she will be through with them.
How evil is that??!!!

SD(13) started her period today.....

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Sorry if this seems a little personal but.... had to share for those who may have dealt with something similar or may have similar circumstance in the future.
SK's are at our house this week for summer visitation. DH called me at work 30 minutes before I got done to tell me SD started her period and what are they supposed to do. BTW...this is SD's very first period!!

Back Child Support $$$ came today!!!!

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True to form...lit the fire under EXH's A$$ via the State and an upcoming court date of June 3rd that comes with a threat of jail til back child support is paid and I got a check in the mail today for ALL the back child support owed for the last 9 years!!!!

I am sooooooo Happy!!! This definitely lifts a HUGE FINANCIAL WEIGHT off my shoulders!!!!


In your own humble opinion....WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE??

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With Mother's Day having been here and got me to thinking...HMMMMM

What's in a name...really???

We are all STEPS...but how is that different from being an 'in-law'??
Seriously...when we marry a man, we become an in-law to a family we were not born why does there have to be such a difference when we marry into a family where the children of our Husband's were not biologically ours??

I have a court date....YEAH!!!

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Got the paperwork today...June 3rd and my DeadBeatEx finally has to face the music!!!
EXH owes well over $18,000 (plus interes) plus uninsured medical (plus interest) and if he doesn't come up with a good defense on why he hasn't paid....OFF TO JAIL HE GOES....UNTIL HE SETTLES THE ENTIRE ARREARAGE AMOUNT!!! }:)
Also, if he's a no-show there will be a judgement by default...YEAH!!!

Well, we didn't have to call the cops....

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but when we arrived to pick up SS and SD last night, SS got right into car but SD went around to DH's side of the car...she was dressed in her raggedy "visitation" clothes but told DH that she "thought she should have the choice of whether she wanted to come or not" and that there were a lot of things that weren't "fair" when she comes to our house..DH told her that for one, she can't give him notice in the driveway at pickup time and that she needed to come because there were some things that needed to be discussed after the last time she was here and that it's something that can't be igno

Am I worrying for nothing???

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Well less than 2 hours until it's time to leave to pick SS & SD up for the weekend. Still haven't heard a word from phone or regular mail...of course, there's still time as DH doesn't get off work for another half an hour and I know that BM wouldn't call until she knows he's off work because the cell phone number that she has is mine....not that I'd answer if it were BM but it would go against her act of pretending I don't exist...LOL