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Starting to get nervous....supposed to get SK's tomorrow

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Well, since BM closed email account that we had for contact......we haven't heard a word. That in itself makes me nervous!
DH thinks that she's finally decided she wasn't getting anywhere with us on the subjects of us paying for braces for SD, BM's request for 3 months worth of paystubs because she thinks she's going to get a part of his overtime and the fact that SS refuses to have any contact with her. Plus the fact that SD was a total brat last time she was here and caused a big fuss because of her lies to BM and we drug SD under the bus with we warned her we would if the lies didn't stop!!!
I'm more pessimisstic about the whole situation....
Experience tells me that she is UP TO SOMETHING....just don't know what it is yet since the BOMB hasn't dropped phone calls...nothing in the mail.....
Just makes me wonder...HMMMMMMMMM
I told DH that I can see us driving the 1 1/2 hours to pick SD and SS up, only to find out that they are "sick" or "don't want to come", etc. DH said, fine, I'll just call the police (like our lawyer and DCFS have told us to do) if BM won't allow the kids to come for the weekend.
Whether DH will actually do this or not....time will tell. DH did however, have me look up their local police department non emergency number and put it in the phone so that we will have it. He says that in the past, he did not want his kids to be subjected to him calling the police if BM wouldn't let the kids come (she's done this a few times...had the kids come out and tell us how they hated the way DH treats them, etc.) but he's had enough of the bulls*** and that he will call the police...We'll see.
DH and I have also discussed the possibility of BM having been to her lawyer and found some reason or another to drag us back to court again....haven't had to do this for awhile so BM's probably in withdrawals LOL
It's a disease....I'll call it lacolitigation syndrome and it's terminal LOL LOL
Well, time will tell I guess. Nothing much we can do about it at this point.
I'm just a worrywart at heart Sad


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but from experience w one crazy BM (mine)to another(yours)...its the calm before the storm...u know shes brewin' something wicked in her cauldron!!! hang in there and keep DH on his toes. the police need to be called if she doesnt let them come. if u have this happne on a few occassions and the police get involved, she could lose custody for withholding visitation. tread litely there, depending if u want that or! Wink

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and sometimes DH thinks I'm "rocking the boat" but sometimes you have to. It's the right thing to do for his kids!!!!
He doesn't bury his head in the sand as much as he used to but he does still require a 'nudge' more often than not.


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I know our BM use to be a nasty thing and would take advantage of any situation to get at DH and I. You are right to be concerned about this and take every precaution to protect yourselves and the skids. I hate it when they are quiet. Scares me.


If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders. ~Abigail Van Buren

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I hate the whole "what is she up to now" feeling. We can't relax even when there seems to be no issue at hand because we're always waiting for whatever is next. I hope things go well when you go to pick up the skids. Good Luck!