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SD(13) started her period today.....

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Sorry if this seems a little personal but.... had to share for those who may have dealt with something similar or may have similar circumstance in the future.
SK's are at our house this week for summer visitation. DH called me at work 30 minutes before I got done to tell me SD started her period and what are they supposed to do. BTW...this is SD's very first period!!
You see, there are no "supplies" in the house as I had a hysterectomy several years ago and don't need them but I gave them a solution to get by til I get done working and stop by the store. No big just take care of things, y'know?!
Anyway, I get SD set up and we talk about "womanly things" because BM has her so very confused about the whole "period" thing. During our talk it comes out that BM made her wear pads and tampons for a "trial run" when she was that she could "get used to them". In fact, I know about that same period of time, BM made SD carry pads in her purse even though she had not started her period....just in case....even though she wasn't even developing yet.
Also, SD told me that BM has always told her that if she ever started her period when she was here or at school, she was to call her (BM) so that she (BM) could be the first to know. Now I understand a BM always wants to be there for her children's "firsts" but come on!!! SD even said to me, "what am I supposed to do...only start my first period when I'm at home with BM??...that's not possible" LOL
Anyway, because of the way papers are written up, BM picked kids up for a few hours tonight while they're here for the week....psycho can't stand that they're here for a week without her influence....but that's another story....
so anyway, SD told BM about starting her first period when she picked them up at 5pm. BM was upset that SD didn't call her as well as the fact that it happened here but BM's biggest worry was how much I was "helping" her. BM wanted to know if I helped her put her pad on, etc.
OH COME ON!!!!!!!!! Of course not. I helped SD with advice that she asked for from me.
SK's told me that BM told them at dinner this evening that she doesn't like BF or me teaching them anything....well, duh....we already knew that but somebody's got to teach them the "normal" way that "normal" people do things.
Some of the things that SD told me that BM told her just floored me....but didn't surprise me....but SD is glad that it happened here and not at BM's because we are way more relaxed about things here.
We try to take everything in stride and not get all excited about every little thing (like BM does) and our SK's appreciate that.


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My SD started her period last December (at age 10!!). I can ALWAYS tell when its her time of the month becaus she turns into such a beeyotch.

Good luck!

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My SD too. She was/is very developed for her age. And she likes to enhance her boobs with stupid bras that her BM buys her (thanks BM!) So we have an 11 year old, in 5th grade, walking around looking like she's 15. Its awesome.

ugh. And unfortunately the boys all like her. We are going to have so much fun with her as a teenager.

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"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one."

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u know youre gonna be in trouble now bc its all UR fault that SDs body decided to menstrate while shes at UR house!!!

"Given the right reasons and the right two people, marriage is a wonderful way of experiencing your life."
~the late great George Carlin

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You're probably right!!!! You know how I'm either invisible or the best scapegoat as far as BM is concerned LOL But that's okay as long as the leaves the SK's alone.
BTW...SD has been very good. She had a discussion with us about how BM said that SD would start having moodiness and that everyone should just accept it and let her be moody because she's on her period. DH and I both told SD "I don't think have to learn how to control yourself! We all feel bitchy....period time or not...but that doesn't give us the right to treat everyone like dirt just because we're on our period" Sd completely agreed and has not once acted like a little bitch....kudos to her!!!
Fact is, SD is glad she was here when she started her period because she says BM would have driven her nuts about it all week!!!! SD (SS's too) like that we're a lot more relaxed than BM.