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living arrangements

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Well...been gone for awhile.
Job keeps me busy...lots of developments since the last time I was on here.
Most a call from one of the 12 yo SS's tonight...with BM in the background...she told him to call...
Anyway, he and his twin brother want to move in with us!!! so they are coming for an extra weekend so we can all discuss it.
At the end of the phone call, BM told H that if the boys move in with us she will not be taking them for visitation...that she will be through with them.
How evil is that??!!!
She is so narcissistic and egocentric!!


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That is very evil. And I have had to deal with that same type of situation with the BM in my life. It is almost as if BM don't care about the kids involved, BM just want to be able to keep that CS come rolling in every month, at any cost. Even if it hurts their own children in the process.

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That is just terrible. I'm hoping she was just saying that out of anger and doesn't mean it, though either way it was mean.
So what is your next move?