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Visitation clothes..................

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I know there are a lot of you out there who deal with this same scenario....SK's clothes are "marked" for visitation and are in general....rags.
Anyway, lately, while doing laundry when SK's are here I have noticed that their underwear has not been marked with the usual "V" for visitation. That is, until I did laundry this morning. SD's panties were marked "PV". Took me a minute of thought to decide what that stood for considering her first name starts with a "J" but I finally figured it out.....I'm sure it means "Period Visitation" considering on this coming Tuesday, it will be 28 days since she had her first period while at our house for summer visitation.
BM really needs to get a life!!!


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That has to be the saddest thing I have ever heard. How sad. How about you get a black marker and mark some of her clothes as well? You could put an n in for non period visitation, or just random letters to show the stupid bitch you know how pathetic she is and that you are mocking her. Of course deny any such activities if she asks.

"Dispute not with her, she is a lunatic."

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That's just silly, to actually physically mark the clothes for visitation. You're lucky you can wash the clothes without drama, though. If I wash SS's clothes, BM goes off about how she is "perfectly capable" of washing SS's clothes and how she "is sure to pack more than enough clean clothes with him for each visitation so that we don't have to wash clothes."

SS seperates his dirty clothes from his clean clothes on Sunday before he goes home - dirty clothes in a plastic bag, clean stay in his duffel bag (heaven forbid he have a supply of clothes here, that's another whole avenue of drama). Well, SS has a bad habit of mixing in dirty clothes with his clean clothes in his duffel bag. We can tell that BM never takes these clothes out of the bag because after a couple of months, the bag and everything in it really begins to stink. So, we wash it and just deal with the fallout from BM. Which is more of the "I take DAMN good care of SS and don't need YOU to wash his clothes for me!"

Woman, get a life. I'm not so stupid and unworthy that I can't wash your kid's damn clothes.

*~So sayeth Nymh~*

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better to do, than waste their energy on little crap !! Some bm need to grow up too !

Thank you Disney for portraying a positive image on all stepmothers!!!!

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Fortunately for the SK's, we supply all their clothes here. BM never sends clothes with SK's like "normal" people do....which is just as well because she sent clothes once when SK's stayed with Nana and Papa (DH's parents) and even the requested "nice" clothes were nothing more than what we all would consider play clothes and the play clothes were all "rags".
If BM actually sent extra clothes with I would definitely be tempted to remark some of them ROFLMAO just to piss BM off.
And yes, Nymph I've had the whole ordeal about how BM feels she does laundry better than I but of course I beg to differ. At least I sort and treat my laundry before I wash it. BM runs a load whenever the washer is full.....everyone puts their dirty clothes in washer instead of hamper....doesn't matter if it's colors, whites, towels, jeans, etc.
Besides, if I don't wash the one set of clothes they wear here, BM doesn't and they get wadded up in SK's drawer for two weeks until it's time to come here again. are absolutely correct.....some people just don't have anything better to do and BM definitely falls into that category. Fact is, DH and I always say we wish BM would get a new hobby other than finding as many ways of making our lives hell.
Thanks girls!!


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lol! that gave me a good laugh, though! ur BM is off her rocker!

we dont ask BM to supply clothes, bc she dresses SD w stupid shirts that say "im a perfect princess" or "my mom is hot" LMAO! we dont send her back in our clothes either bc we'll never get them back.

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