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I have a court date....YEAH!!!

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Got the paperwork today...June 3rd and my DeadBeatEx finally has to face the music!!!
EXH owes well over $18,000 (plus interes) plus uninsured medical (plus interest) and if he doesn't come up with a good defense on why he hasn't paid....OFF TO JAIL HE GOES....UNTIL HE SETTLES THE ENTIRE ARREARAGE AMOUNT!!! }:)
Also, if he's a no-show there will be a judgement by default...YEAH!!!

There is no reason in hell that he shouldn't have caught all this up especially since he just sold some farm property for $100,000 at the beginning of March!!
It's not like he has a lot of vehicle payments, only a mortgage payment to the bank on a $14,000 re-mortgage and that's only if he's been making that payment since he's been in foreclosure 3 different times!!

I'm not evil but today my horns are showing because I can't wait!!!!

Best part.....BM can't touch this $$$!!!! ROFLMAO!!!
Finally may be able to do something I want for a change......


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Good for you! I'm happy that things are finally going your way. However, I have always wondered something about this type of situation. How is someone to pay off debt while they are in jail and can't work to make money? BM has tried to have BF placed in jail several times over arrears. I don't see how that will accomplish getting the money..?

*~So sayeth Nymh~*

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I guess that only works if the person has money stashed away somewhere. If you're living from paycheck to paycheck it wouldn't make much sense.


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congrats! its about time something finally goes your way! Smile

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Incentive to work harder, get a second or third job, sell whatever you have of value, whatever it takes to keep their sorry ass out of jail?

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In my case, since he recently made a big dollar property sale the State is looking for the money. If EXH shows up to court...I'm sure they'll allow him so much time to pay (or maybe not) in order to earn his 'stay out of jail card' Wink Since he's so far behind, I'm sure they'll locate the assets and seize them in order to pay off the arearrages.
Otherwise, he better hope he has someone on the outside that has access to his money in order to pay his back child support.
Hopefully, he hasn't blown it all on drugs and alcohol or he's in a pickle....


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Don't you love it when it starts coming back around on them?? These deadbeats get away for so long, they think they're free and clear to continue ignoring the fact that they have obligations to their children.
Keep me posted!!
BTW...I tried to get my DeadBeatExH posted on our state's DeadBeatparent website....but they've never gotten back to me.
Probably because there's so many of them out there they don't have room to put them all up LOL LOL