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Add me to the list.......


Yep! To the list of SM's who now has to deal with SD's bloody panties. Wth is up with thes kids? It has been shitty and pissy pants in the floor of my bathroom. DH has repeatedly told both of his incontient children to throw that shit away.

I have my BS14 pick up all the clothes out of the bathroom so I could wash his and his sister's clothes for school today. He brings them in, I start putting clothes in the washer.

DH...Bend over for everyone but me


I really am starting to despise how every time I turn around something is coming up where DH feels the need to bend over for other people. First off my friend's oldest daughter's birthday party is on saturday. DH is getting the special princess's this weekend, they didn't show up last time so he's decided he didn't want to go.

DH? Really?


I am not sure if this is normal or not. So bare with me as I tell you what I mean. I have literally nothing of my past, meaning pictures, stuff, etc.. When I married my xh I was 17 years old and I was told by my then MIL, that it was inappropriate to keep pictures of old bf's or friends etc.

So being that I was a teenager, I figured she was wiser than me and chucked it all. It didn't really matter to me. I thought hey I'm marrying the man I want right? So is it normal to keep pictures of friends, girls, ex lovers, ex wifes(w kids in them) after you have re-married?

SD11 decides and MIL gets told


So yesterday my DH called me and asked about the party/ice skating on saturday. My 3 kids were invited to an old friend's daughter's birthday party on saturday. There isn't going to be a party per se, the mother (my friend) is paying for x number of kids to go ice skating at a local place.

So SDs aren't invited because they #1 don't know them #2 my friend's daughter has a limitation #3 she has other friends to invite. DH knows that it is going to be open to the public, so he wants to know when we are going. I was confused, OSD11 can't go ice skating because she breaks.

OT - Good news but hope I dont jinx it.


So I got a call from my temporary boss just now. The last boss I had, left a mess in her wake for my appraisal. I have been through the ringer for the last 6 years, starting a divorce, court battles, getting remarried, skids, and a baby.

He tells me that he is upping my appraisal on a few things, so it shows improvement. Let me say that I didn't really have a horrible appraisal but she had a few things lowered, rightfully so since I was out of my mind at times.

Crying? Need theraphy? No answers from SD


Over my kid/skid weekend, SD11 turned on the waterworks again. I'm not surprised by it, DH is. First off SD9 and SD11 didn't even get to our house until around 2 pm on saturday, SD9 had softball. OK, DH decided to work until 12, then he could be home when they got there.

That was fine by me and mine, we watched tv, relaxed and spent half the day in peace. I wrote about my feelings on some other things over the weekend, to get them off my chest, so to say.

not cut out for it


I have to say after being in step hell for 4 years and being dh's wife for 2, I am not cut out to be anyone's stepmom. I mean not even in the most general of sensea either. I am a bitchy, angry and resentful person when SDs are here or I know they are coming. The stuff that I am told shouldnt botherme does.

SDs weekend coming up.......dread on the line


I know I had a break for like 3 months of not having the SDs at our house. I seriously dread knowing that they are coming. Last time it was shit. It doesn't ever get better and now I know that his older SD just wants mommy and daddy back together.

I know I should let that go and kids want that but damn. If you only knew the shit I have put up with or did for these kids. I use to bend over backwards, now that I am not, SDs are just disrespectful and rude.



Ok, so last year we had planned a vacation with the kids. BM decided that SD needed some type of surgery, I think it was foot, anyways, so no skids. I was actually glad about it but DH wasn't, obviously.

We all (me, dh, DD18mo and my two) went to the beach for a week, it was great. We played on the beach, went to a few attractions and just had a laid back week, well somewhat.

How to Deal????


So last weekend was Easter here and it was a freaking nightmare. The SDs caused havoc and acted like total idiots. DH and I had a major fight because of all the havoc. I lost my mind. I could go into the details but the individual stuff is just stupid.

First off on Saturday, DH told the kids numerous times to stay off the HUGE boulders we have in our yard, that we haven't been able to move yet. They (SD's and my BD) decided to get on them anyways.