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OT - Good news but hope I dont jinx it.


So I got a call from my temporary boss just now. The last boss I had, left a mess in her wake for my appraisal. I have been through the ringer for the last 6 years, starting a divorce, court battles, getting remarried, skids, and a baby.

He tells me that he is upping my appraisal on a few things, so it shows improvement. Let me say that I didn't really have a horrible appraisal but she had a few things lowered, rightfully so since I was out of my mind at times.

So he also tells me that he had a conversation with the next boss (they are acting until a new one is hired who knows when) and said that if he were her, he'd approve my request to flex from home permanently, with coming in 2 times a month. I was overjoyed.

He said I also told her that if it was me, it would be trial thing and if you get 3 strikes you're out. Hey I have no problem with that. I have lost it a few times. I took my knocks for it.

So that's the good news. I am hoping that she will allow me to work at home. That means a saving of $500 a month in daycare. YAY! Also the improvements in my appraisal may just bump me up enough to receive an award in the next years to come.

So now to stay focused and pray it all comes together. I actually am smiling for the first time in like forever. Work has been hard with all the stuff going on.