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Update on my crazy life

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Hey all, been gone a few weeks, lot’s has been going on. First the good, me & DH finally found a house we liked, made a bid, came to an agreement on the price and have been approved for the loan, now just waiting for the appraisal. Been going thru training at work, new operating system is going live on 9/23, pretty excited about that, right now we use a DOS program straight out of the 80’s and not capable of doing very much, the new one will be much better.

Now for the bad, while applying for the home loan and reviewing the information on my credit report I discovered a collection account in my name with a company I had never heard of. I started making phone calls and come to find out, this was an account set up in my name by my SD. I was shocked to say the least, I probably shouldn’t have been, but still I couldn’t believe she would do this and not think I would get to the bottom of it, stupid girl.

The day I discovered this I went thru such a range of emotions, from rage to sadness, to nothing. I feel absolutely nothing for my SD. I don’t hate her, I don’t like her, I just don’t care about her or if she is ever in my life. The only thing I feel right now is sad for my DH. He has just apologized and apologized for her actions. He is embarrassed and doesn’t know what to think about her at this point, I hate this for him.

I had to have a very frank conversation with him about her. I explained that she crossed such a line that she can never uncross it with me. I will never forgive her or be around her again. She is not welcome in my home or presence and this is the hill I’m prepared to die on. DH says that he understands, I hope so.

I’m looking forward to closing on my house and then the shopping can begin. New furniture, woohoo, it’s the little things that bring me happiness, lol. I hope you are all ok and doing good in stephell. I’ve got more training for the next 2 days, fun, fun, fun Wink

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1) Lock your credit down to where you have to be there with two forms of ID to open an acct.

2) press charges and teach the kid a lesson that her parents apparently didnt

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^^^Double Yep!!!^^^ This is criminal. It is nice your DH has apologized but you need to protect youself.

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I have placed a freeze on my credit. I have been checking on monitoring services to put in place going forward. I am disputing the account with the collection agency and the credit report agency. I contacted the police and they informed that since the amount was under $1,000.00 dollars there's not anything they can do about it and that I would have to file charges in a civil suit against her.

But she did me such a favor, I never have to be around her again, don't care what DH thinks or likes or doesn't like. This is my rule, DH can either respect it, or there's the door. I'm not budging!!

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it was identity theft and fraud!! not just some small amount of money. wth kind of police are they. Call again and ask to speak with an officer with higher rank.

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I question the response from that cop. First of all, it is identity theft and that is a FEDERAL offence as well as the theft. If I were you, I would pursue it because once successful she will try again. BTW, anything over $500 I believe is classified, or use to be classified as grand larceny.

You also need to contact whomever she opened the account with and find out what information she was using and where the bills were going. You need to protect yourself. I am happy that you got the loan with that collection notice on your record even if it wasn't legit. Also, you need to contact all 3 credit rating agencies about that.

As MarieJeanne said, you need to do this to prevent worse from happening later.

And yes, cops can be lazy because they hate to do the paperwork.

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In my state $300 or more is grand theft. Or if you steal a gun or fire extinguisher, no matter what the cost of the gun or extinguisher is, it is grand theft.

Call and get a cop out to your house. Don't just talk to a clerk that answers the phone.