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Add me to the list.......


Yep! To the list of SM's who now has to deal with SD's bloody panties. Wth is up with thes kids? It has been shitty and pissy pants in the floor of my bathroom. DH has repeatedly told both of his incontient children to throw that shit away.

I have my BS14 pick up all the clothes out of the bathroom so I could wash his and his sister's clothes for school today. He brings them in, I start putting clothes in the washer.

BAM!!!!! There it was a pair of bloody underwear from OSD and a pair of pissy underwear from YSD. WTF? I can understand that you have an accident (even though pissing yourself at 9, kind of crazy) but why leave them in the floor or with the other clothes when you have been told 100's of times to THROW THAT SHIT AWAY!

I was in the wash room (windows up in the house), I said "omfg that is so gross, wth, blood now too". DH heard me outside and said just throw them away. I was like this is too damn much. Why am I throwing away bloody underwear for someone ELSE's kid?

There wasn't a spot where her period started, so she changed and put on a pad, NOPE............

The entire bottom was soaked and apparently sat on the floor for a day and the little shit never said a word. I asked DH where are the nasty bloody pads (not in the trash can). He says if they aren't in the trash I'm going off on her.

Whatever dude, you aren't. Their was one pad wrapper and no pads. DH called asked BM "what does she do with the pads she wears, we don't have a regular septic, it will kill mine". BM apparently says she throws them in the trash wrapped in toilet paper. NOPE!

OSD says she just started on sunday morning (we were home all morning) and then she put on a pad. Never changed it here. Ok that was a lot of blood for a just started and didn't change my pad for HOURS. I guess I will have DH go through that whole room this weekend or when we start to smell funk AGAIN.

DH told me last week to go into YSD's drawers to find the size 7's she can't wear anymore for our neighbor. I went in the drawer and what did I find "pissy panties" yep, in the drawer. I told DH and left them right the hell there.

DH sees them on thursday and says "they are OSD's apparently YSD wears her sisters sometimes". I just said "disguisting". Yeah I don't share panties with ANYONE. I think OSD put them in YSD's drawer. OSD wears size 12 women's clothes, YSD wears kids size 10. How did she wear her sister's panties again?

Whatever. This weekend was the weekend from hell. I told DH we should just divorce and go our separate ways. No it wasn't from this incident, but a bunch of shit. I am going to find a doctor that will give me "IDGAF" pills. I just can't take it anymore.

I know I will be told --Leave but it's not that simple right now. I have things to do and I can work on myself, which is what I am going to do.

If I find bloody anything else, I am going to flip like no other. Promise that.


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You can avoid bloody panties by not doing their laundry. Why are you doing their laundry? Why isn't DH doing it? He might feel a bit differently about the subject if he is the one handling the subject matter.


My intent was to do my children's laundry. They keep putting their shit in my kids clothes to hide them.

I told him it's separate hampers for all the kids, done.

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Start putting whatever you find in your DH's underwear drawer. If you find them hiding in your kids' clothes go put them right back or walk up to your DH & put them in his lap.

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Wasn't there a post one time that either suggested to put the bloody pissy shitty panties on the DH's pillow? Or perhaps putting them on a plate and put it at DH's spot at the dinner table? If the message isn't sinking in to these dads, then something drastic needs to be done.

Anyway, I'll share what happens with these pissy, shitty, bloody pigs when they become "adults". They will meet each other just like my SS23 and his GF21. The GF throws her used tampons in our bathroom garbages totally uncovered and sitting there for the world to see. She also pisses and leaves yellow piss with toilet paper in the toilet bowl. She doesn't flush, but I guess if there's TP, she's wiping, which is more than I can say about some other girls talked about on this site. This chick has even left piss droplets on the toilet seat. The sad part is that she is SS' third GF and all three of them have done this. I guess there's someone for everyone.


Putting them on DH's pillow would be putting them in MY BED. NO!

I told him the next time, He is picking them up. It grosses me out that my son DS14 picked it up without even knowing that shit was in there.

They were told to throw away the pissy/shitty underpants, why in the hell would you leave bloody ones---IN THE FLOOR. WTF is wrong with people.

Geez, If I get mine bloody I toss them or bleach them right away.